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Re: Internal Hydraulic Slave Cylinder upgrade for 6 speeds

A little update on this kit.

Clutch Masters has asked me to organize a group buy for their internal hydraulic release bearing, or internal hydraulic slave cylinder. I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize a proper group buy through the proper channels on this forum but not quite sure the best way to go about that. Any input on that would be greatly appreciated! I've posted this over on Tacomaworld in a thread that was created over there for this hydraulic release bearing kit and there is already about 10 people who are interested and have asked to be added to the group buy.

N16078-H (Tacoma/FJ RA60) - Clutch Masters

There's been some good discussion on this setup on this forum and over on Tacomaworld as well. I've been running the Clutch Masters internal slave cylinder for about 800 miles now and it's performed flawlessly in every situation I've put it through its paces from slow speed crawling on difficult terrain to high speed fast shifting, it really has changed the way the clutch feels in my rig for the better. If you want to go check out the discussion on Tacomaworld here's the link:

The way the group buy will go is like this...If we can get 10 people to commit to purchasing the kit Clutch Masters will knock the price down for those people from $475 to $425. If at least 15 people commit to purchasing a kit they will knock the price down to $375. I figure we'll let the group buy run for a couple of weeks to see what kind of interest we can get on this. As I mentioned I also posted this group buy info over on Tacomaworld and the people who commit over there will count towards the final group buy number as well.

Once we have enough people who have committed to the group buy, I will get a discount code from the guys at Clutch Masters and distribute them via PMs to those who have committed. You can then go to their website and purchase the kit and use the coupon for it.

As a bonus Clutch Masters has offered to throw in a free oil cap if we are able to hit 20 people on this group buy. I had them make one for the 1GR engine. Will be available with custom laser engraving and several anodized color options including black, red, blue, gold, orange, purple, green. Alternatively if you don't want to get in on the group buy for the internal hydraulic release bearing, but want an oil cap, if we can get 10 people to go for an oil cap, Clutch Masters will do them for $30.

Also there has been some requests from Tacomaworld about asking if Clutch Masters would also do a discount on a clutch kit at the same time which I think can be arranged as well. As I briefly went over earlier in this thread I am running the FX100 series clutch in my FJ and it paired with the internal hydraulic slave setup is a dream to drive. If some of you interested are supercharged and want to consider something with a little more clamping force, they definitely have options.

Products - Single Disc Clutch Kits - Page 1 - Clutch Masters

I think we can still start organizing the group buy if people just shoot me a PM and I will keep track of that info.

So that's the run down, let me know if anyone has any questions or suggestions!

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