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I paid a little over $27k for the FJ brand new about 18 months ago and I have loved it ever since. But that is not the price of the FJ as I ran my hand against the side of the FJ yesterday after I had her washed and waxed and saw the abuse I have put her through and felt how rough her skin is with all the pin stripping and paint chips that are covering every square inch. Feeling and seeing that the fenders don't line up any more from stuffing my tires into the fender wells to many times. I came to the realization that at the rate I am going my paint and fenders will be gone in about 3 years. I have spent more money this last year upgrading the FJ and on gas going on trips, trails, and expeditions then I ever though I would. I really don't even want to add it up even though it wouldn't be much in comparison to some, it still would freak me out. But I ask is it worth it?

Even though the FJ really wasn't a $27k ride but more like ***** after all I have done to it and take her too and what I will have to spend to keep her road worthy. I would say it was worth it! I have seen more of this beautiful land that God has given us this last year then I ever have before and have meet more great people I can call friends from these journeys, and the times I have been able to just site in silence and meditate while in the middle of nowhere are amazing and cherished. But how this has put a hunger and thirst for more travel, for more time to spend in the great out doors for more time to spend with friends and family doing what I love. To have nothing holding me down and to be able to just get up and go at a moments notice to be a hobo of sorts but driving a FJ not jumping trains. But that day will have to wait I honestly can't be like that quite yet. I will just have to enjoy the time I do get to go into the wild even though it isn't as much as I wish it was. The FJ is a great deal and is worth so much more, but I still hope I don't have to spend to much.

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Posted 01-20-2009 at 05:55 PM by jeshua (The price of the FJ?)

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