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We are in trouble……..

Posted 01-11-2010 at 08:53 PM by mikey

The other day I was out for dinner with some friends and their kids, after a fantastic evening of good food and company it came time for the bill. When it did arrive I asked one of the kids…well teenager what the change would if I put down 10 $20 bills and the total was $163.24. He started to open his cell phone to find the calculator, I stopped him and asked him not to used it and do it old school.

“Can I have a pencil?”


“So I can write it out”

That’s when I realized that our generation is in serious trouble if we are relying on the youth of today to run the Country tomorrow. The more and more I thought about it I started to see that we are our own blame.

Can’t fail kids in school..nobody gets left behind.

All kids make the team in sports? Seriously.

When are kids going to learn that failure, as much as it sucks is part of life, if we continue to hold their hand and give in to every whim. Not getting what you want or failing is part of life. Learning how to deal with failure is something every kids should have to do, it is much easier to learn it at a younger age than when they are older. What are they going to do when they do not get the promotion or raise when they enter the work world? Hold their breath and stomp their feet? Is the employer going to hold their hand tell them its OK?

Example: Mr. Jordan. After being cut from his varsity basketball team in his sophomore year, did he quite? Heck no! He worked and trained even harder to make it the next year and prove his worth and the rest is history.

Failure is the first rung on the ladder to success.

Children, quit relying on technology to get you through life. You have the best, fastest computers in the world and you have it for free. It’s your brain. Use it. Put the cell phone away, go and actually talk to your friend…..face to face……not texting. It’s amazing what you see and learn when you do.

If technology failed, could you survive?

Back to the story… after about 10 min, he finally came up with the right answer. He never did realize that I only needed to put out 9 $20 bills instead of 10 to cover the dinner bill.

I pray for this generation.
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    mad_mechanix's Avatar
    I Agree we are at fault. As parents we should be Teaching Technology... But also teaching or insuring the basics are being learned as well...
    My Daughters, Both very inteligent, One in the Medical field, Use Spell check to spell. Even I have started to suffer in Spelling as now I just click Spell check at the end of the Document or Email. Grammar too. SO in s a sense spell check has helped us and made us Ignorant.
    People blame Fast food and other eating Issues on the health epedimic, I blame tv remotes, Sat tv, Video games, Cell Phones, And computers..
    Remotes... I dont have to get up to change channels.
    Sat TV... I can watch 400 channels and find Programs about hiking, hunting, Fishing, Offroading and what ever with out leaving my house
    Need I say more about Video games
    Cell phones have killed Social settings and restriants,,,
    Laptops bring us internet right to our laps where we can sit with out feet Propped up talking to friends, Instead of going out and Doing something active
    Posted 03-14-2011 at 04:02 AM by mad_mechanix mad_mechanix is offline
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    I used to remember all of the phone numbers I needed, maybe 10 or 12 friends, my parents, cousins, work #'s; now, with my cell phone (I don't own a "smart" phone anymore), I hit a couple of buttons and I'm there. I've lost my phone before and learned a valuable lesson... I now have a hard-copy of my listings. Still, the only numbers I remember are my own, and just recently my Mom's.
    I don't neccessarily think that our minds are becoming lazy with the advent of computers, but there are definitely aspects of our minds that have changed. We use our minds "differently" now; remembering different things and forgetting others for the simple reason that we don't need to retain them in memory.
    I completely agree with you on the social aspects of life, too. I don't have children, but I see it every day. Kids don't get together these days like we did when we were young; everyone's texting now... I haven't seen to many teens in public lately that aren't looking at their smart-phone while they're walking down the street not watching where they're going.
    I never thought I would get "caught-up" in a social media site; I, too, am guilty of the same thing. This is the only site I post on, and very rarely even visit any others, not even "Face Book". I have found this site to be very entertaining, and I enjoy the variety of topics shared and feel that I have made some good friends, although I haven't met any of them in person! The only reason I believe, or have proof of any of this even being real is through purchases and sales that I have made, and meeting Mark & LT at MetalTech. If not for those things, how could I possibly know if everyone is real? :lol: I could just be carrying on a conversation with my own computer!! :rofl::cheers:
    Posted 04-20-2012 at 02:18 AM by PSYCHO BILLY PSYCHO BILLY is offline
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