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  1. Tardigrade
    07-07-2017 12:50 AM - permalink
    Hi there

    I've read a few of your posts and you seem pretty familiar with running the FJ in the dunes we get out here in the middle east. You and quite a few others I've spoken to rate the Cooper A/T3 highly for sand performance, so I've all but decided that it'll be my next tyre. The dealer here in Oman has them in 265/70/R17 and 285/70/R17 and I'm torn a bit between the two. Do you think the 285 offers a significant advantage in the dunes?

    I've read a lot about how light tires are preferable for sand driving, and the 285s come in a bit heavier than the 265s but perhaps the added flotation would make up for that? I'm looking at P-rated tyres in both metrics. The other issue is whether there'd be any rubbing on the body mounts without doing any chopping; the guys in the shop here fitted one to the front of my 2015 TRD (2" lift) and it narrowly cleared the mount, but they reckoned that under braking it would probably rub. Do you find that yours rubs?

    Thanks in advance!
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