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  1. FL FJ Gal
    04-21-2015 01:38 PM - permalink
    FL FJ Gal
    Hello Jeff & thanks for your message!

    I dont intend on doing any off-roading other than some sand/beach driving in the south & dirt roads/snow when heading up north. Just recently moved to FL & wanted something better for having to veer off the road into ditches & not worry abt getting stuck when I have to jump out of the way of all the old folks that head the wrong way right at me! Part of the reason for the purchase was that she can handle day to day as well as handle more difficult situations if needed. I understand my mileage will suffer as a result of the added weight but losing 3-5 mpg is worth it to me for protection & peace of mind.

  2. jefFJ2014
    04-21-2015 10:57 AM - permalink
    I am curious if you are planning to do any off-roading. This will really change how everything gets addressed. If things hit the fan, the FJ will still handle most everything without upgrades.
    You mentioned its your mall crawler, I use mine (my only vehicle) to take kids to school, myself to school and work, and everything else. I have upgraded bumper, suspension, tires (285/70/17, Toyo MT they are not that loud), added winch, sliders. This has really effected gas mileage, so it might play into how you want to do your upgrades. The more information would you provide the easier it is to round answers out.

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