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  • wanjurui02 ·
    how long have you had your fj? how many miles do you have on it now? im trying to view your pictures. but i cant seem to view them.
    wanjurui02 ·
    did you get you window seals fixed? mine are torn like your were. im tired of this fj nickle and diming me for every little part that falls off. im two seconds away from trading it in. no one really answered your questions about the seal. all they did was redirect you to pictures of thier own fj. im not so the fj is for me anymore, im tired of small parts falling off of it all the time.
    GATOR ·
    hey i saw u on ih8mud forum. it seems to be a good forum. i have the top for the canopy. send me an address where u want me to send it
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