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  • 5150 Cruiser ·
    HI there.

    The lights i used were simple 2x4" flood lights avaible from northern tool. I purchased these about 5 years ago and at the time they were $10 a pair. Not sure if their the same price or even still avaible. As for wiring, i ran the wiring for the lights inside the tube of the roof rack and then drilled a hole under the left mounting foot of the roof rack and ran all the wires inside the cabin. Sealed it with silicone and have not had a leak since the install. If you have any other questions just let me know. Thanks!

    luckypunk ·
    Hello 5150,

    I was going through a few posts about rear lights mounted to the rack and saw a photo you had posted showing yours. I have looked and can not find a thread showing what lights you used, or how the hook up was done. Could you shed a little light on how you accomplished this mod?

    Many thanks
    redcardboy28 ·
    Hey 5150,
    I was reading threads on problems with FJ's and found yours that stated the following:

    "65,000 miles..
    2 front left axle seals,
    1 left front axle (this caused the second axle seal to go out)
    2 door lock actuators
    Around 55K miles and then around 60K my ABS, skid controll, VSC and brake light stayed on in the dash. Turned out to be a $25 dollor brake light switch. "

    Today, my ABS, Skid control, VSC, and check engine light came on too. When I shift to Drive or Reverse, it jumps really bad. Also, when I press the gas pedal, nothing happens. I was wandering if you had the same sympotoms as I do now.

    -Thank you
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