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  1. roof rack and mileage?

    Misc. Technical Discussion
    Even if they come with the rack from the factory doesn't mean they can't remove it from the truck, add use the "plugs" that non-roof racked FJs have and deduct the price. They'd do it if they really wanted to sell the truck.
  2. Bridgeport, TX Labor Day Photos/Videos

    What skid plate combo is on your truck, bc Indiana?
  3. h-town gathering

    Freaking old people. Be safe, bro. When are we going again?
  4. h-town gathering

    I this the place you got me trashed at when I met you at "some" bar? Oh man.
  5. Happy Birthday BigPappa'sFJ

    Didn't know you liked fishin'. Haven't found many good spots around here.
  6. hi!

    Glad to hear I wasn't forgoten about. I'll be around, just less. I need to focus more of my energy on work. :(
  7. 2nd Annual Wheeltoberfest

    Cool. I have a couple shackles and 2 snatch straps. Plus I'm sure someone will have a winch.
  8. BVORR Pics 8.8.09

    Damn. I should have gone. Oh well.
  9. Happy Birthday BigPappa'sFJ

    I totally missed it, dude. Sorry. Also sorry that I didn't get back to you about going fishin'.:mecry:
  10. hi!

    Haven't been here in forever and just thought I'd let my buddies know that I'm doing well and am still kickin'. I did a trip to see the old man in N.E. Oklahoma, so I'm took the m/t's off. OMG, what a difference. How is everyone? Sorry I missed BVORR. -Adam
  11. Finally i am lifted

    Maybe not compensating for the size of a certain :cough:unit:cough. But you do have a belly button ring.
  12. Finally i am lifted

    Damn, those UCA's look good! I need to bite the damn bullet and order a pair. Do yours allow for caster adjustment? I'll trade you my Pro links for your Ultimates. I just like the design better. There's nothing wrong with my Pro links. Go 255/85/16 :devil:
  13. Exhuast and CAI = better MPG????

    I wouldn't spend my money on any mod that's going to shift my power band higher in a vehicle where I want my power down low. An exhaust and intake will do that. But if you like the sound.... And no, you won't see an mpg change. Maybe a point or two. And by that I mean from 20.1-20.2. Same...
  14. *** The Last Katemcy Run - June 13 & 14 ***

    I may go, but I don't know if I'll wheel my truck, if it's cool if I ride with someone on the trails. I'll drive it up there, but my clutch is about to start slipping and Katemcy will definetly hasten that. And I can't afford even just the parts for a clutch right now. Also, is this a camping...
  15. Finally i am lifted

    Congrats on finally getting a lift, Ryan. How's it look with stock size tires? And are you now 100% aligned? Pics damn it, man!