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  • JB's Cruiser ·

    Thanks for the write-up on doing the alternator fix. Really helped out in removing/replacing the alternator on my FJ.

    mileswindle ·
    Hi Leroy,

    I am a (relatively) new, but old (as in age - lol) FJ Cruiser owner in East Windsor, NJ (not very far from your new location).

    I have a 2007 rig (beautifully modded by PO) but am having a (potentially serious) brake issue. The brakes screech (squeak, whistle) when the truck moves, but subside when I apply the brakes. Just in case, I have ordered new front (only) TRD big brake pads (TRD Big Brake kit already installed).

    Would you be able to assist with the troubleshooting/pad install(if necessary) - I am unable to do anything myself due to disability?

    Thanks and regards,
    Bandi what tire size are you using on the first page of your build i am looking for new set of tires and will it rub? HELP needed all the way from Kuwait.:rocker:
    tater90 ·
    Bandi, I'm installing the worm gear hose clamps to my cv joints like you put on the forum. How tight should the bands be? Can they be too tight?
    coloneljo ·
    Hey man, any ideas what is wrong with my jacked up 6 inch Rough Country lift? You did a lot of research to come up with the pics of my yellow Cruiser and what the suspension should look like. Let me know what you think. All I can think of is the offset of the wheels.
    Hello Bandi,
    Sorry to bother you, but another forum member suggested I talk to you. I have what i believe is an original idea for an automotive accessory. The problem is i have now idea how or where to begin. I have no desire to manufacture this myself I dont have the space or time. I know nothing about patents or protecting intelectual property either. I would prefer to get in contact with a reputable company and work with them to bring the idea to market. I have tried the "inventors help" ads you see on tv all that got me was ripped off on an idea i had several years ago. Any help or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for you time.
    bandi ·
    you will need to contact all-pro offroad or walcottcb for them, I sold the design to all-pro offroad back in 2006... also, if you get an aftermarket offroad bumper like demello offroad flattop bumper, the cb mounts to the top plate on them... good luck to you... oh yeah, Welcome to , joel the owner, has made an aluninum bandi mount before...
    FJ_YYC ·
    So I live in Alberta Canada and it is still snowing ... in April ... none the less. It seems that your CB antenna mount is the defacto FJ mount. I was thinking Pfff I will mount it on the fender mount like all the other Toyotas I have had had ... Um the FJ inner fender is plastic ... HELP! How do I get a Bandi mount to Canada?
    bandi ·
    Hey Dave, I have no means at this point to make any, I am deployed till prolly' June... Sorry !... Leroy
    FJDaveMD ·

    I've got a need for an extended Bandi-mount for my FJ...I want to mount an amateur radio antenna that has a fairly large base, and I need about 3/4" further extension on the mount. I saw in a post where there was an extended mount that was made for some users...any chance that there are any more of those available?

    Thanks in advance,

    [email protected]
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