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  • The Great Pumpkin ·

    I originally signed up as CanukFJ but wanted to change my account name. I couldn't find a way to do that or to delete that account so I changed the e-mail address on it and opened the new account. Sorry for the trouble. Won't happen again.

    FJCruiser2015 ·
    Hello baz

    I just cant enter the firearms forum

    So i searched around and I saw that you mentioned that a check has to be done in the cp

    I just can't find it .

    Thank for your help
    bazross ·
    haha, love your avatar... he is sooo cute...
    No worries on the sticker, glad you got it safe n sound and can use it...
    My King Suspension is getting fitted today, too big a job for me... and my ToyOutfitters upper and lower control links arrived today, so I'll get my mechanic to pop them on too... gonna look so cool all blue of course.... and i am making him take photo's of the instal....
    oh. are you going to summit ? wish I could get over there... sigh.. too far.... lol.
    if you do, grab me a sticker .... no obligation ... just a thought.
    Hey Bazz thought I would say hello! Thanks again for the FJ Cruiser Forums sticker. Got it on the FJ before the Pup could chew it up! Your the best!
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