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  • Moab Junky ·
    Really appreciate your help with the wiring on my FJ. You got mad skilz Bro!!! I ended up just hooking it to the battery for now. I'll worry about the hi beam set-up later.

    SuperFJCruiser ·
    Hey just wanted to say I like your rig. The black mirrors did you paint them or is it blackout kit? If you did them what did you paint them with? Thanks
    C.O. Cruiser ·
    How much did it cost to do the 50/50 Line-X on your rig? I was going though the forum looking for pictures and saw your rig. I was planning on doing the same thing to mine and want to know how much it would cost. Thanks!
    FJX2000 ·
    Sweet thanks! I now have everything ordered and on the way so basically i will have the same set up as you. I got the 305/70R16 Fierce Attitudes which will go on the same TRD rims and i got the 1.25" Spidertrax spacers and just yesterday i got a bmc so i'm pretty excited! Thanks for the info and influence!
    bc_indiana ·
    to mount the 305 spare tire... I had to use a couple of washers at each of the four mount points to space the carrier off of the door. make sure and wrap the washers in something so they don't scratch the paint on the door. (i used blue painters tape.) I also had to use one of those cheapo 1/4" wheel spacer rings on the tire mount. You may fit it just fine without modification... The Gobi ladder was the cause of my trouble.

    And I have the narrow TRD different rims may alleviate the need to space as well.
    FJX2000 ·
    Hello again, so to fit the spare tire with the 305s, did you have to alter the spare tire rack or anything? Or did they fit just fine?
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