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  • big green egg ·
    I have come to a conclusion about FJ Forum users - none of you really exist

    I never see you on trails. I never see you anywhere that could cause a scratch or dent. I've never seen you on the winch hills
    I never see you cleaning up trails or working to promote the hobby

    What do I see?
    I see you, with your stock rigs bashing the people who actually hit the trails
    I see you, with no credibility berating the guys who actually enjoy the hobby
    I see you crying about broken parts that are meant to be broken, rubbing tires and peeling plasti-dip

    I've been told I don't belong here when I simply spoke my mind
    I've had my PMs deleted by autocratic mods

    I see a bunch of sensitive Napoleonic crybabies that have earned their "Blue Room" reputation

    You're right, I don't belong here - so I must bid you all adieu
    A few of you are decent people. The rest of you are just blocking the entrance to the trail.

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