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  • Cpt. Ray T ·
    Received some messages from a new member who has made no posts, and is very vague when asked questions. He contacted me about some stuff I am giving away, so not worried about loosing money, but seemed like one of the Craigslist trolls type of responses. Specific questions yielded general answers. While I am not worried about myself personally for I will just block the person, didn't know if I needed to fill you in to look into the account to see if it is a troll or scammer. Member name is Saad Lavai. Thanks in advance for the help.
    yamato123 ·
    miễn phí gói dịch vụ hóa đơn điện tử
    và dịch vụ rà soát sổ sách kế toán tại thanh trì
    tiếp dịch vụ rà soát sổ sách kế toán tại hà đông
    dadFJ40 ·
    Hi BIGGUT,

    Can you please change my Username from 'Michael Matheson' actual to:

    dadFJ401300RR please.


    Mike (FJCC Australia)
    cruzerDave ·
    Understood on the vendor rules, had figured it was similar to MUD, my apologies.

    I did email that address but have heard nothing, is there someone I could PM here for help in getting set up as a vendor?

    aerodan ·
    Hi BG,

    Joined up as a full life member, glad to be with you. I don't see the Gun section of the forum, but will search around and see if I can add in. I also posted an intro and hellos to other new members, so hope that gets me on board :)

    Have a great one,
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