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  • Ole Blu ·
    I wanted to make sure that you could get in touch with me if you found the rear corner bumper pad. I only need the right side but I'll take both if you want and will pass the unused one on.
    [email protected]

    What rear bumper are you using now? I'm thinking about an upgrade, just don't know yet.
    Dave Hoover "Ole Blu"
    texasnielsen ·
    Hey Willy, how the he'll are ya?!?

    Was thinking about you just the other day... Haven't been in the blue room for some time. Busy at work and playing with a new toy (45' SeaRay).

    My travels to Chicago will be slowing down considerably after next week. Commission the new runway and air traffic control tower next Thursday. We will be headed to Hawaii for some well deserved R&R for ten days but will be back the beginning of November.

    Was just reading Wilson's post about a M&G the end of the month. Sorry I won't be here to participate.

    Let's get together next month for a beer or two. Do you and the Mrs enjoy boating?

    texasnielsen ·
    I am typically home Friday night thru Tues mornings. I am hoping to get a special approval should the Summit ticket come through.

    Challenges with facilitating management, union and headquarters opinions on a variety of issues. As they are all multi-million projects I am overseeing, my bosses aren't giving me any slack. So it looks like a winter of snow for me. As I am eligible for retirement, maybe this will be my last big hurrah!
    texasnielsen ·
    Hey Willy, long time no see...

    Got some :-( news last week. Turns out I've been called in to save the schedule associated with the FAAs work on the O'Hare International Airport new runway / control tower project.

    It's a $1B project and as the senior Program Manager I've been able to lead from behind as they say up to this point from here in TX. There's been some significant developments from an airspace and procedures development perspective that wasn't in the original approved master plan so now I am leading from the front as they say to get it on track.

    All that to say that I am working full time (commuting) from my Chicago office until we commission these facilities.

    So not being the lead guy for Jambo logistics ( the pres of TTR is pissed at me), and possibly no Summit in July Has me pretty sad. The runway commissions in October and until then it looks like I will have very little wheeling time.

    Enjoy the East TX boys and the Jambo. Hope to see you around.
    texasnielsen ·
    Hey there. A small caravan from the DFW area would be great. I am driving down with a small off-road trailer and RTT and so will be camping the entire trip. Planned on leaving early the 26th and returning on or about the 1st. Will be myself and fiance'. . .

    Regular email is [email protected]
    cell - 817-691-6688

    Let's try to get together and compare notes over the next month or so. Should be a great trip!

    4x4TrailCruiser ·
    Hi Willy,

    Look like you and the guys had a blast at BWM.
    I want to see your winch the next time I see you FJ.
    About Big Bend I have to wait till December to see, I'll bet that will be a memorable trip.

    I have been a little busy and not very active on the forum.
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