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  • sandboxchamp ·
    Hi Briman iam new to the forum but been reading a bit of the posts. reg one of your posts on using 4 lo for climbing dunes, I would like to clarify some doubts. I live in the uae and recently sold my lc200 to get a lighter FJC 6MT for dune bashing which is popular here. most of the offroaders here use 4 hi on sand all the time. I use 4 lo and found it quite easy to climb dunes without stressing out the tranny. my question is- can I engage the rear diff on 4 lo using 3 rd gear for power and easy climbs and will that overheat the engine and could the rear locker malfunction as a result. also most people here say that the 4 lo and rear locker should only be used to recover when stuck. I do disagree and I think 4lo 3rd and 4th is the way to go. appreciate your thoughts. cheers!
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