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  • gbrick911 ·
    Are you still on FJ Forum? I need front skid for 2012 FJ, your current model does not need OEM skid underneath correct? Any discount codes valid today?
    rx100 ·
    Trying to install the Gas tank skids(2010 FJ) and i'm not able bolt it down to the crossbar (Close to an inch gap).I see some people recommending jacking up the plate to install the bolt, but scared to do that(don't want to break the gas tank.

    What do you recommend?
    CO_Rock_Dawg ·
    Hey Brad!
    I hope you're doing well!
    I need a favor if you don't mind. What size are the bolts for the Cat Tube Rock blocks?
    I pulled all my skids off to get the beast cleaned up and ready for the coming winter and the mag chloride out here did a number on them.

    Thanks for your help!

    Thorn661 ·
    Hey would it be possible to get a copy of your installation instructions for the Ricochet skids sent to me? I have the 2010- present HD aluminum set I purchased last year from a member. Thanks
    cnckart ·
    We do still make skids! Code 45789 saves you 10% :cheers:

    Heavy Duty Front Bash Plate & Engine Skid Plate, Toyota FJ Cruiser | Ricochet Off-Road
    Cholerabob ·
    Hi Brad we would love to have Ricochet again as a sponsor of our 8th annual FJ Northeasters event. Last year was great and this year we are trying to make it even better. Can we count on Ricochet again this year has a sponsor ?
    thormcse ·
    I just got your air dam with light cutouts for HIDs and got the dam and lights installed yesterday. I sold the plain one I bought around Christmas time. The bolts were rusting on the one I sold and the clamps on the new one have white stuff all over them. Is there a place that make powder coated bolts and clamps? Your air dams are beautiful and I don't want the bolts to end up like the others. I can paint them or something but just thought I would check. Thank you for making a kick ass Dam and this one with the lights is gorgeous on my truck.
    Lmmmmm ·

    Do you know what is going on with your missing section in the Vendor forum. I'm trying to find some old posts in your section.

    foothills ·
    I'm looking at a full set of HD skids for an '11, and wanted to get anodized. If I order immediately, could they deliver by 3/27? I'm in ZIP 27104, and am okay with 3 day ship if necessary. Thanks!
    drewcmf ·
    Will be pulling the trigger very soon on a full set of skids for my new FJ, black anodized shipped to 30809...any chance I might get a forum discount? Thanks in advance!
    Gooey ·
    Just picked up a 2009 FJ and was looking at your skids. After doing a search, I see there is a discount for forum members. What would the price be for the full set? unfinished and black anodized? Thank you.
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