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  • Coldnapalm ·
    I had the 3 inch RC lift kit it had spacer for 3" of lift in the front and springs for 3 inches in the rear i had to chop the body mount back a good ways for sure i had very minimal rub fully stuffed and the wheel fully turned i had 1.25 inch spider traxx spacers and in the rear under maximum flex my tire would clip a bolt that held my bush whacker flares on which i did fairly often when rock climbing sounded kinda bad not very but nothing ever happened to my flares or the front tires i would check out hard rock in ocala it will let you push your fj to the limit ! loads of fun

    FJ cruiser 4x4 - YouTube
    Flying Bannana ·
    I was looking around at some posts... you have a very similar set up to my rig, I grew up in St. Augustine so I know the area, not a lot of rock crawling. I want to get the 315's but I'm worried about rubbing the wheel wells. Have you had a chance to have them fully stuffed, any rubbing issue? I do have the bushwackers so I don't have to worry about that and a 3" leveling kit. What kind of spacer did you end up going with. Thanks in advance.
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