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  • Juice ·
    not sure if you received my last message. I'm not sure how to use the forum messaging.

    Hello again.
    Sorry I re-read your reply and I'm not sure I follow.
    Are the wheels you have a wheel that FN Wheels makes?
    Are they 17" or 16" wheels?
    And you said you don't have spacers but you sent numbers that are for spaces. [106mmToyota hub centric.] What are these?
    Hewitt ·
    Hey, just moved to Kansas City from CA, Know of any good off roading places around here?
    Or maybe when I make a trip to St. Louis is there places over there?
    what is the model of your backup lights? Is that a gromet around them or plastic? Is that supplied with lights, if not where did you get them? Thanks alot
    Heres 2nd part of my message.....

    You are correct, the "I threw them in statement" was before my current setup....when I lost volume thats when I went on here to figure out how Toyota wired our system.....they limited us to what we could do without running all new wiring. Good luck and let me know how it goes. If u need anything else let me know....I will be coming through St Louis in a few months so who knows:cheers:
    Your idea sounds spot on for easiest was to get more and better sound. It wont be amazing but you will notice a difference. You will most likely gain volume, I did. YOu should be wired for rear spekers, so get to those wires and tap them and run enough speaker wires to the rear seat are and you should be good...def unhook those ****ty headliner transducers and dump stock paper 6x9's and wanna be dash tweeters in the trash.:rofl: I used wicked cas pods and taco tunes 1" speaker mounts.

    If you run a true 4ohm load in front and then back you should gain sound based on proepr ohm load and speaker quality. The sub really does even it all out and makes it sound a lot better but without it you should still get some nice sound.
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