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    Hey Miss!

    I still need an email address for you to send your pics from Summit. If you're hitting Moab I would love to meet up with you, I only went to Baby Lions Back and scared the crap out of myself but I want to take a stab at the good stuff. You'll have to tell me which runs you're on and if you're leading any!!! I am going to Black Bear this year!!! I should've listened to you and changed my Gultches as that was rather slow compared to Imogene and Alpine Loop
    debFJVT ·
    Greetings James! So you saw my rear axle, shipped over from your neighborhood :) There are some extremely knowledgeable FJ folks such as Bazross near Sydney who I’m sure would be happy to help. As for front locker US spec did not include them, and I did not add an aftermarket locker when I swapped to a regeared front diff...don’t care for air, so waiting for elocker technology to evolve and reach us here in the US. Where in Australia are you located? Hope you post up an intro!!
    Razorback81 ·
    just had a read of your rear diff swap
    i have the 120 Prado here in Australia & am doing the same thing after going through your post
    i found a diff that has the factory E locker, but it has Air bag mounts so i need to change them

    looking at your front diff swap
    is that a factory locker in the front?
    do any of your FJ's have a factory front locker?

    cheers James
    Firemedic831 ·
    Good Morning DEB . question for you . . Did you have to adjust your coil overs at all . . mine sits lower in the front than the back by about a inch i would say . PS getting the rear springs in by myself was fun . I actually did the entire lift in about 4.5 hours . probably wait a week till i tackle the RLL .
    FJ_Ahoy ·
    yup, i asked can be tight in there.....and the illumination is spot on ! and looks so factory.

    I too, yet again, I am getting the C1258 light, indicating 4h switch operating poorly....I replaced the H4 switch last year....dont want to again, but I'm going to do this hack and your button illuminating is inspiring.

    when you move your shifter down to H4 , and press the button....does it also illuminate the green 4x4 light, or just the yellow lights disabling trac and vac, etc.?
    FJ_Ahoy ·
    Good morning, noticed how you created a bypass with the 4H on your rig.

    I liked how you braided the wire up to the question is on the back of push button, do you have a picture of it ? Im curious how and where you got illumination and where to ground.

    any input greatly appreciated.
    SemperFi4Ever ·
    Most definitely will post pics when its done. I'll be a while, I called up Mike yesterday for estimate and he said it would take about 2 months max, which is not a big deal. Here in Co, they use magnesium chloride to salt the roads and polyurethane is pretty resistant to MC so I'm gonna take a chance. If I don't like it, I can always sand it and give it a good coat of paint. I saw your bumper. I like it! That 3 hoop looks beastly and it looks great in that black powder coat. Either way I think these bumpers look good painted and bare. Kinda get the best of both worlds here.
    SemperFi4Ever ·
    Thanks for the quick reply! I think RESZ Fab makes the best looking bumpers. Aggressive looking and strong. I'm getting the bare metal V2 and I'm gonna coat in in a clear-coat/polyurethane to protect against rust. I really appreciate the info I'm gonna look up the thread you mentioned.
    SemperFi4Ever ·
    Hello Deb. I noticed that you also have the V2. Was it hard to install? Could you do it with one person? How long did it take to ship the item after you ordered it? Thanks :)
    SouthernmostFJ ·
    I see your leading the 720 women's run on Friday. Looking forward to it, My wife did the Women's run last year that was Lead by TCT Magazine, and is still talking about it. Looking forward to it for sure!!
    eddie1261 ·
    I am just being curious about the people here I find fun and interesting. None of your posts really give an indication of that thing a man is never supposed to ask a woman, but are you a younger woman or old like me? (Well, NOBODY is old like me...) I got such a laugh from the frozen shirt and dixie cup posts it just made me wonder. And when I saw you bought the bumper from Mike that tells me you do off roading, which primarily is a young folk's game... I crawl the malls with pride in my FJ!!!

    Just curious. If you don't want to leak your secrets, that's fine.
    FJGATO ·
    You hit the nail on the head, fog lights and installed where they need to be...have you chosen some at this point?

    josh laroche ·
    Depends on the day : ) I work in the far north but my wife has an apartment in White River. Any suggestions for good trails down that way?
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