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  • Turbokidd ·
    Hi there! I’ve been doing some digging about supercharging my FJ and running a Unichip, and you seem to keep popping up in the forum threads, so I wanted to see if I could ask you a few questions? You also seem to have very good success with your Unichip.

    I have an 07 FJ automatic, and have one of the last TRD Supercharger still in the box and a Unichip, also new in box. I have the Unichip package to change maps via a laptop connection too. What I plan on dong is to install the Unichip and run it for a while and see how it work as-is; I have the TRD intake and exhaust on my truck now (and programmed those maps into the Unichip). Then, after a get the hang of things, install the Supercharger and change the maps.

    Do you have any tips for installing the Unichip on my truck? Anything I need to know before I begin?

    Thank you in advance for any info or insight you may provide in advance!

    Reid from Marietta, GA
    LangDog ·
    Sorry to bother you again! I am about ready to install my lexus air springs like you did. The only part I am missing now is the air connector to the spring. My version did not come with a slip connector. Can you advise on what connector fits into the port at the top?
    LangDog ·
    Hello from Florida!! I bought the lexus rear bags for my FJ like in your build thread. My question is about the lower adapter mount you made. Is the bottom sold with bolt welding in place before sealing or welded strap across the bottom? Also, what size bolt is on bottom? Thanks!
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