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  • grey_juce ·
    Stopped for a night at local hotel just off I-80, stopped 1 hour or hour and a half earlier than planned... because of "scary" feelings. We still have to drive another 150 miles, and than >> back to NY 1,500 miles. My wife is saying: get rental car, and ship FJ Cruiser home - sounds crazy, and extreme!! Don't know what to think... is this "us" (psychology, scared intuition, guts)... or it could be SOME TECHNICAL CONDITION ??
    grey_juce ·
    Its scary, I reduced speed to 55 or even 52 (way too slow in 70 to 75 time limit)... at that speed I was driving for about an hour... No "wiggling" feelings observed, or may be with reduction of speed to 55 mi/h -- feeling no obvious, we don't feel it as it seemed.
    grey_juce ·
    Third stage of thinking (or feeling), after tow truck pulled car back on road, next morning I took FJ Cruiser to local tire shop. New tires on rear, re-balanced front tires, mechanic for tire shop says "all good". So, we went on I-80 W - continue to drive to Kansas. It was sunny day, roads dry - normal condition. Drove about 74-75 mi/h for 2.5 - 3 hours. ... And (bingo) "wiggling" back - appears one time, we both, myself and my wife feel it, car just waved a little for a moment ... scary feeling on 75!! ... In a little while - it appeared again, getting really scary... I started clicking down Cruiser Control handle, got speed down to 65, and 60 -- reducing speed - reduce "feelings" from "wiggling effect". At a moment it was busy on highway, I got to right lane, all trucks and cars passing me at higher speed. Even on speed of 60 - "wiggling" feelings appeared (periodically, 30 seconds, or more, no definite pattern of time...).
    grey_juce ·
    Next - my psychology, by superstition, or/and my feelings, or may be something else - technical... prior to spin, speed was appx 55 or more, as other cars / trucks were going -- I feel like little "wiggling" -- its hard to describe, feel like coming from rear of the car, -- it just "wiggled", or waved, or shake side-wise for a moment, it "appeared for split second" -- on a speed 70 or 60 - remember the feelings, it instinctively scared for a second... in a little while (next 30 seconds or so), this "wiggling" feeling came again, and seems repeat again... and post-the-accident seems can not get rid of these memory, or reflections feelings, is this, or could this "wiggling" happened on snow, and car wen to spin??
    grey_juce ·
    My FJ Cruiser 2007 (150K mi) driving from NY >> to Kansas, on I-80 W .. on a way through Iowa, was snowing, roads had some snow, car went to spin, lost control and went off road in deep snow. Myself and my wife in the car, she got some bruises - but its OK.

    Thinking of What caused this spin, first technical things: both rear tires - worn. Second, feel vibration on steering wheel, likely coming from front tires, likely front tire or both front tire balance is off - on 60-70 vibration was noticeable. These two technical factors - definitely "contributed" to situation when car went to spin, I realize this!!
    jguth434 ·
    Need your help in getting a solution posted. I have been on this site since 8-2006 and don't post, I just read. Not really good at this stuff. Can you help?
    Geezer ·
    I listed an item on the For Sale Non FJ forum. My question is how do you remove the post when the item is no longer available or sold? I have tried to find by looking myself and can not find how.
    Stormer ·

    My friend, 'Flounder' aka Ricky Weiss, was banned today and does not know why. He swears he did not post anything offensive or ever has. Could you provide a reason so I can let him know?

    Thank you,
    frenchy1965 ·
    Hello, where would I find a resource to find trails in south alabama? I didn't want to post in the wrong section to ask. Thanks if you can help. Have a great day!
    FJ Moose ·
    Can I change my username to Moose ?
    It shows as used but I can't find any posts. If that's not ok, can you change it to FJ Moose ?
    fensterer ·
    Hi There. I am still new to the forum and not sure where exactly to turn to ask this, but I panicked when I selected a username and then after I signed up, I came up with a name for my '13 TT and wanted to know if I can get that changed. One time deal. I want to change it to Imperial Cruiser. :) Let me know if this is possible, I appreciate it! :)
    Sonny ·
    Should call the southwest region the Four Corners Region Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizonia
    fj6high ·
    Hi, just was wondering why the thread I started was closed? (Bucket Mod List) I didn't see anything that was offensive? I know it started to get silly and a little loose but members were posting some pretty cool ideas...Was something bad deleted that I missed?
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