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  • Loganbeere ·
    The FJ lean on the front is from the battery and on the back is from the gas tank- depends how full the tank is. What are your measurements in all four corners now? Make sure you have at least half a tank for gas when you do the measurements. If it is not noticeable then leave it alone, you can over correct.

    I am 39 inches in the back and 38.5 in up front with 33 inch tires. I was 38 and 37.5 with stock tires. I keep my recovery gear in a box on the rear passenger side to compensate for the rear lean. I actually have the ome trim packer for the rear sitting around but never installed. That's about 2.5 in lift in the front and 1.5 in lift for the rear over stock for me, don't want to crank it up any higher because my cv angles look fine.
    gaylonw ·
    It is a shame that we won't have the latest improved models to buy here in the US.
    The improvements between the '12 and the '14 are very subtle, but there are alot of them.
    Fr example, the rubber seals on the doors are different making the interior of the cabin quieter, that is a very small thing, but it all adds up.
    I drive my RRTT from late December to April, I am keeping the miles low on both and the salts off the TTUE!
    I had them both Ziebarted when new and I update it every year, the under side of my trucks look like they are still in the showroom!
    Yes, that is certainly why we are here!!
    gaylonw ·
    I completely get it, these FJ's are additive.
    I really like both of mine for different reasons, the '12 color combo is hard to beat, and it is a later model with most of the improvements.
    The TTUE is really the nicer of the 3 FJ's that I have owned, most complete, best ride, quietest of the three.
    They are all great but some are better than
    FJ-Forbes ·
    Hey Huy,

    Nice to meet you. I've been here since September 2011. Sorry to hear about your experience at Toyota of Cool Springs. Unfortunately some dealers still play games with customers and give all of us in the industry a bad name. I think in the high $20K range you are looking at a 2010-2011 in the under 70,000 miles range. They are getting harder to find but you can still find good deals here and there. The problem is, the dealers that have them know they are worthwhile merchandise so are a little less likely to discount. I've heard nothing but positive things about buying a car through CARMAX-I personally would have no hesitations about that plus the price you see is the price you know you're going to pay. Keep me posted and say hello next time you come through here.
    Whoaitswee ·
    Hi Zac,

    Huy Tran. You can probably find me in the system there at work. Thanks for the note. I don't want to spend too much cause its a daily and the Porsche is really the fun car.. Though I have a problem of always wanting new :)..

    the 29.5k! what a steal.

    I'm currently look at this 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser in Indianapolis, IN- 12734167 at

    Seems to be an "ok' deal not great or a steal. I went to Toyota of Coolsprings a few days ago and the pissed me off. I told them my price point, what I saw their FJ was listed for online and they continued to try and push the black one they have on the lot. I had to remind them that the price "they" have online was less than what they just showed me..

    How long have you been at Porsche?

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