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  • MissFJ ·
    dude! long time to talk!
    a) you have the thread with the most views ever (or close to it). what have you done to your FJ Today?!!
    b) why are people giving you their VINS? SSN & DOB needed too? lol
    AusTexT4R4x4Sport ·

    I requested a VIR that you sent me back in June, but I accidentally gave you the VIN for my son's 96 4Runner, not my 06. I sent a reply to the email, but that may have been a "no reply" address. It was [email protected]

    Anyhow, when you have an opportunity, would it be possible to send me the VIR for VIN#JTEBU14R260098691 to my email address at [email protected]? I'd really appreciate it.

    I may not have an FJ, but a good number of my friends in the Heart of Texas Off-Road Club do and they love them.

    And, as before, I appreciate your support of vets in your posts (USN 1965-1969).

    Randy :roller:
    Cindido ·
    Hi -

    I'm brand new to the forum and saw that you may be able to run a build sheet for my 2010 FJ (that I just bought yesterday)
    The VIN is: JTEBU4BF1AK098270

    Thanks so much!!!!!

    shornsac ·
    Hello sir! Any chance you're still doing build reports on VINs? I just bought a 2007 FJ and am curious what equipment came stock. VIN: JTEBU11F070021264

    Thanks a ton!
    fjwala ·

    Did you sell your FJ??? If you don't mind, can I ask the price you sold it for?? I want the 6 speed too.. :|
    plamp ·
    Would you be able to get the Vehicle Inquiry report for a 2012 Toyota Prius? I just bought it used and would like to see which options it has.
    green giant ·
    Hey, If you don't mind running a VIN I would appreciate it. Would love to know what was stock on a 4 runner I'm looking at buying tomorrow actually. If not, no biggie.

    Thanks! - Doug in Michigan if you ever come up here to mountain bike (saw it was an interest) drop me a line. I live near fort custer which is pretty nice.

    JTEBT14R630020946 is the VIN.
    manolo2011 ·
    Hey Sir,

    I'm not an FJ cruise owner but I'm in the need of a window sticker for my 2014 Toyota Camry XSP which I bought recently in October. If you have the possibility to find it, please let me know. The vin # is the following: 4T1BF1FK5EU853351. I would appreciate your help.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

    HEInstructor ·
    FJ&TJ Dude,
    Thanks for the like the truth is without Toyota could not have kept the place running for 30 years, Once the kids had grown and the grandchildren also did not need the room in the 4Runner so glad I can now own a vehicle I can enjoy. Grandson an I have all the room we need for Hunting and Fishing, the plastic interior means that packing it all home as dirty as it gets I know it will clean up as good as new. PS it always gets attention at Hunter Ed classes, questions, questions, envy follows.
    fabricgator ·
    Hello, I saw the tread about the VIR. may I have my vehicle run please? JTEBU4BF0AK094534
    Thank you for your anticipated assistance. Have a great week!
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