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  • 1911 ·
    Hey, sorry I just now saw your visitor message to me about the 2011 shocks - I never read my visitor messages; if you want to get a hold of me just send me a PM instead.

    Anyway, I don't know for sure if 2011 suspension equipment will fit on early FJC's but it looks just the same and I suspect it would - just never actually done it. I have installed a ton of lifts on FJC's 2009 and older but non yet on a 2010 or newer.
    TT Special FJ ·

    Do you live in Cleveland? I'm in Columbus and trying to find people in OH that work on customizing FJs. I have done a couple of things myself by not sure who works on bumpers and such. Do you recommend anyone? Thanks
    uphill ·
    The scorpion is supposed to strike fear into the hearts of the unwary...

    Interesting story - DRAGON, FJSOHOT, SHADOW WARRIOR (when he was alive) and others camped with me in a spot in Southern Colorado that was crawling with Scorpions. Surprisingly, none of them came near my truck, but they were everywhere else. I said that it was a sign of respect for my FJ Cruiser (named "The Scorpion").
    Layonnn ·
    Yeah its okay. Just don't call people names, insult, yada yada yada, and its fine (which you didn't, just saying). Any political discussion at all was banned due to the election in 08. There were "fights" and arguments breaking out in threads left and right from people disagreeing about the presidency and making fun of candidates that it was getting out of control.

    So yeah, your post is fine.
    Thep ·
    The brush guard on your FJ looks great. If I many ask, who is the maker and where please. Thanks a million
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