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  • kthsoccer ·
    Hi I was reading a thread about brakes and pads and saw you upgraded yours around 90k and I am in the same boat and mine are looking pretty bad. If I am going to pay for new new rotors and pads I would like to upgrade. I saw that you got EBC drilled and slotted rotors and trd pads. I was wondering how you like this setup and if it really improved braking performance 25%. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    PierreB ·

    There is a post you made in a thread about replacing the FJ suicide door weather stripping ( where you mentioned the replacement part had three pink clips and were easy to replace. I've got the two replacement strips from the dealer, but I'm not sure how to remove the old strips. Do you just pull on them until they pop out or is there a special tool/technique? (I'll post this in that thread too, just incase other people have the same question).

    Bimmster ·
    In an earlier post you stated you could easily go into any dealerships inventory and see what they have and how long it's been there.

    Is this possible for me to do in my region and how?
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