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  • skersfan ·

    Just noticed you are still around. I don't get on this very often anymore. Still have my truck, but went to a couple meet and greets and it seemed to be more about Mall Crawlers and light shows.

    Headed to Ouary for our 12th Summit.

    ludwigvii ·
    Hey, I just read your message about the roof rack nuts falling into the headliner. Did you have to remove the headliner to get them? I just got a new FJ and 4 of the six brackets have fallen. :(

    anc2514 ·
    Hi there! Hoping you can help! I have a for sale ad for my FJ and I put the price in the title, not knowing i wouldnt be able to update it later. Can you remove the price from it? If not, I guess the best way to do it is delete the ad and start over without the price in it? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
    SmithBelair ·
    Please help delete my post below. The trailer has been sold. Thank you, Steve

    Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum > Buy/Sell Section > Non FJ classifieds > For Sale: 2013 Jayco Baja 10G Off-road Camping Trailer w/ Front Deck
    Old18C ·
    New to the area (more or less) would be willing to help if this is still going on. Was a farm boy growing up have skills that may be of use even though I am now a Old Guy even have my own Chainsaw. Retired military engineer officer with additional skills. Don't know the requirements in the communist country of CA to be licensed for all I do but am willing to help if needed. Live in Carlsbad (part time) and have a Cabin I use in Big Bear with family in Apple Valley. Was transferred from Kabul Afghanistan to Ft Irwin for JIEDDO in 2009 and have been in and out of the area. Use a search engine and you should be able to find my name and resume on line if you need it.

    Arch Nissel
    [email protected]
    Fjamming ·

    You'll have to request one of us to delete it for you. You should edit the original message and state that it's "SOLD". That's how most people do it.
    JCruiserman ·

    I noticed a new Off Topic thread, 'Has Obamacare affected you, yet?' (or titled something close to that) which has been moved but I cannot find to where it was moved. I presume it went to Off-Off Topics, access to which I am not authorized.

    My question is, why am I not authorized access? Seems like it might be an interesting forum.

    Thank you.
    Fjamming ·
    I don't think you need to do that. If you want to "flush", then use a cheap oil first then put in the stuff you want to stay in.
    DigDugFJ ·
    Hi just bought a 07 FJ with 117,000 miles wanting to change diff. & transfer oil for the first time wanting to use amsoil severe gear 75-90. Do I change it wait a few days and change it again to make sure all the old oil is gone. Thank you for any reply.
    WestGa4x4 ·
    I posted a thread in the Want to But Section titled WTB rear driver bumper wing, and this issue has since been resolved. If you would please delete that thread for me, I would be grateful.
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