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  • FJess ·
    No problem Teneighteen. :)

    Spring Creek is a pretty tough trail...not sure how you're built now but I would not recommend anything like a stock FJ run that trail.
    Teneighteen ·

    The day we met, and I drove my newb ass down Saxon pass, you had a convoy coming up another trail, what trail was that, me and some friends want to try it out now that it is getting nice outside.

    I appreciate it, have a great week!

    gremlin ·
    Greetings Jess

    I'm about to pull the trigger on new wheels and tires. I'm going to get the TR beadlocks like you have but I'm going to get mine in black w/silver rock rings. I'm still debating whether to get 35's or 315's (34.5"). I run Bushwacker fender flairs - 285/70R17s 1.25" spacers. My wheels have a 4.5" backspace. I also have a 3" lift and full BMC. So with the spacers, it reduces my backspace to 3.25". Is my thinking right that if I get the 3.5" backspace, it would be the same as adding a 1" spacer and bring my tires out to within .25" of where my tires are now? I guess my real question is how tight are your clearances with 35"s and 3.5" backspace
    Teneighteen ·

    The weekend we met, what trail were you guys coming up that took all day?

    Have a great weekend!


    FJess ·
    Thanks tlpd107. I have a build thread linked in my signature thingy (the word "stuff"). Definitely not stock anymore. :lol:
    tlpd107 ·
    Hi Jess,
    I love the FJ. I have the same year and color. did you do a build thread or have you kept it stock?
    RubrSideDwn ·
    Good morning! I am not sure that the 'other board' is getting messages to the intended targets. Just wanted to confirm you got my message that I can meet you tonight? Thanks you

    7:30pm at Bass Pro shops?
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