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  • FJ_Wolf ·
    Hey man! I had some questions about when your fj was 6". What tire size? And any other spacers or anything or just the fabtech with those icon rears? Thanks man! I was trying to search forever in your threads for a build page but didnt have luck.
    slodownmike ·
    looking to put a 6 inch lift on my FJ, wondering if i should just put a 3 inch Icon or a basic 6 inch Fab tec. Any regrets or problems with your lift?
    boomer.dude ·
    hi fjjeremy

    your fj is absolutley awesome. i'm new to this forum and i was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me.

    1. what is the name of the color of your fj?

    2. is "black cherry" the same color as "brick"?

    3. what year is your fj and what size lift and tires do you have.?

    4. do you know if 2014 is the last year they will be making fm's?

    --any answers will help--


    brad [email protected]
    vailfj ·
    Hey Jeremy...I noticed you had the 6" Fabtech lift with the TC UCAs. Are those the regular UCAs (not the 6 inch lift-specific ones with the heims)? I'm about to get one or the other, just wondering if the 6 inch lift ones are overkill or not... Thanks man!
    mad_mechanix ·
    Price is right Im willing to buy!! Nothing like haveing everything squarded away and ready for when your ready to sell.... That way there is no self time between taking them off and getting your cash.... Seriously Let me know what your wanting
    davidHchiem ·
    Hi Jeremy. You said you removed your swaybar. I'd like to know how long you've been driving without it. Also, is the handling noticeable at all? I'm just a little paranoid and since we both have 6 inch lifts I'd feel more secure knowing all about it from you. Anothing thing is, how does it handle during offroading? Thanks.

    You may email me back here or to my yahoo at [email protected]
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