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  • JoeUser ·
    Wow, not here's a name I haven't seen in a while. Hope you're doing well! If you see MIGZ tell him I said Hi.
    FJX2000 ·
    Hey if you ever log back on here be sure to contact me since I need some help from ya with some of the old threads! The 1st being the bumper comparison thread you posted in the Buyers Guides & Product Comparisons Section of the forums and then closed. I still have the other bumper comparison that is listed as a sticky thread in the 4x4/Off-Road Tech section of the forum that I can keep up to date but now that one that is closed in that other section is outdated and inaccurate so we might as well remove it.

    Also, the second thing is a little bit of a personal one that isn't as important but would still be appreciated by me but my June 2013 Member of the Month thread is kinda sad looking now since I rearranged a lot of my Photobucket photos so the links got destroyed to some of the photos in that interview thread. I could give you the new photo links if you'd want so that thread can be more complete looking.

    Just let me know and it is sad on the forums now-a-days without ya! Take care.
    audioxtreme ·
    Hey buddy found a forum that you posted this picture of two gas tanks. the front one looks smaller than the back one. I need a smaller one in a build im doing with twin sticks in a fj cruiser. any help would be greatly appreciated. it was back in 2013 so hopefully you remember. my cell number is 707-354-0302 if that makes it easier. Im new to the forums
    debFJVT ·
    Hi! Bazross said you make scuba mod kits, and if so, I'd like to get more info. I have an 07 FJ.
    supertrooper ·
    I know I am new to the forum, but if you have not yet solid the fenders I am extremely interested. I am beginning my first kit and am really hoping to acquire some fenders and possibly the front L/T kit. I am living in hawaii (military), so that's where I would be shipping to; I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for quite some time, hoping I could jump in on this since I'm on a budget.
    Birdman12 ·
    I got your PM but I don't have the ability to send PMs...I'm not sure how to contact an admin to get this fixed. As for the fenders, is shipping to Canada out of the question? :)
    12RedFury ·
    Do you still have the Shrockworks bumper and Winch available? I'm interested, pending my wifes approval, Christmas is coming! lol
    boystoy ·
    Hey FjNewb ... hope all is well ... I noticed in a Mar/13 post in the diff/rearend/etc forum that you offered to sell your RockJock 60 rear-end ... I believe you said it has 4.88 gears ... just wondering why you are/were selling it and why you took it out of your truck ... I have an 07 that has developed a rear-end noise with 62km miles on it and am considering options ... from everything I've read, getting away from the 8" is really the only long term albeit expensive solution ...
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