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  • KamelBerries ·
    Hey Hayden,

    I've been reading up a lot about your FJ with the 305 and am considering getting some 305 70 16 General Grabber AT2's with 1.25" spidertrax and a BMC. I've been running 285's for a long time now with no spacers and no bmc, and wanted the beefier look of the 305's but noticed that your newer FJ seems to have 285 if I'm not mistaken? I wanted to ask you why did you switch back and what are your overall impressions of a 305 vs 285 with all things considered (mpg, offroad capability, etc..)

    I've read a lot of your comments and it has helped me quite a bit so far, you are the only person to have clearly written out your mods to your fj and one of the fewer even that still have working pix up on this site.

    I'm still debating on whether its overall good for me as I do a lot of highway driving but definitely kind of leaning towards 305's with spacer and a BMC due to the overall badass look to justify me throwing all my money at it.

    Thank you!

    Woodsman ·
    Congrats on the supermod status. I haven't been on here in a while as life has been crazy. It is again time to start making Summit announcements. We need to get a Summit 2017 heading added. Can you set it up or forward the request to someone that can? Thanks !

    popo_mack ·
    Hey man, I love the pictures of your FJ! Would you mind if I used some of them for my instagram account: ultimate_fj.
    KB6BNC ·
    Icon Stage 1 or ToyTec Boss?

    Have a fav?

    Looking for adj 3" that will hold up to adventure runs but not beat me up on the road.
    plnfixr320 ·
    The guy that was trolling me in the tread said my price was to high and 30k would be the high point of price.

    I don't think he fully understood the caliber of parts used in both axles and the suspension tuning and design.

    I would like to get 35k for it as is. If price is to be haggled I could take less if some of the recent bolt ons were kept for the next build.
    Robert Neilly ·
    Hello FJX
    how ya doin today ?
    Im lost Im begging for your help.
    New to the 4x4 world read your lift info and still dont know what to do.
    Im looking for a lift 3 inch or bigger around 2K what do I need for a decent install?
    mild to medium 4x4ing no wild crazy stuff can you help a guy out ?

    FJX2000 ·
    Here is my mission address to those who have come to my public profile to get that:

    Elder Hayden T. Cook
    California Roseville Mission
    8583 Watt Ave.
    Antelope, CA 95843-9117
    United States
    Jord710 ·
    hey i was wondering how did you install your led strip under your dash? do you have it so when the dashboard lights turn on, the led strip turns on? and also do you want the same size of TRD as mine or a different size? i should be able to get them done tomorrow but i will let you know for sure.
    Jord710 ·
    dang it!!! i made plans with a old friend from high school. well i will hopefully make to the next get together or ride. but yeah i will message you when i get those stickers for you.
    Jord710 ·
    Hey this is Jordan (uvu). i like your new BW fenders and HIDs. do you still want those TRD stickers? I have been meaning to get on, and meet up with you. i should be getting more vinyl in at the middle of next week (maybe wednesday or thursday). just shoot a text my number is 801-400-9545.
    rotorhed1 ·
    Up around Cortez? Ya, I'd be up for something. Phil, aka TanaJ organizes an annual get together in Farmington. Some great trails here.
    Going back to school in Jan, learning to be a medic, a needed change from the last career.

    Durantzz ·
    ok great yeah i have a body mount chop and did it via laser or plasma cutter cant remember.... i already have the 305 there procomp xtreme at a little less aggressive looking compared to yours... and there is absolutely no rubbing not that i could here... even on my stock uca no rubbing... so i believe if i go purchase a 2.5 inch front levelling kit only and put on 1.25 spider trax wheel spacers i shouldnt experience any issues with rubbing? Unless i do hardcore wheeling of course! and how is your stock suspension set up holding up in general with the extra weight of the tires and the off road abuse?.... thanks for getting back to me really appreciate your help... glad that im not the only one who had ideas for a similar setup as yours and its great to hear that you have no issues! and have you noticed any changes in gas mileage with the wheel spacers like im sure the tires stick out past the fender walls... will this kill my mileage?...right now im about 305 to 320 km a tank
    Durantzz ·
    heyyy quick question bout your rig... i have a similar setup with same size tires with bodymoount chop.... im planning to add a front spacer to level the fornt of my rig with the rear... now if i had the spider trax 1.25 wheel spacers like your self will i experience any rubbing of any sort... thanks for you help!!
    doxdozer ·
    Steel rims are the accepted rim for "hardcore" wheeling I guess but I had the same rims on my Silverado & liked the look so much I wanted them for my FJ to.
    But if I was on the rocks every weekend I probably would have gone a different route :)
    doxdozer ·
    With all the MODS I did so far this year, my "fun money" is getting pretty low lol
    But I will be planning on the 2013!
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