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  • FJ-Forbes ·
    Yeah, I didn't know at the time I got mine that the 2010+ got improved engines and some other overall updates then the 2013-2014s got the CRAWL feature. It's a shame they quit making them. Mine is paid for and I've actually contemplated getting a TRD PRO 4Runner as my daily and keeping the FJ to alternate and just to have. They're such unique trucks and I love the feel and look of them. That's why we're here though :)
    FJ-Forbes ·
    Can't say I'm not jealous you have 2 FJs...and both TT on top! Love both of yours. Contemplated on trading my 2011 Iceberg for the 2014 and almost did buy the 2014. Kind of wish I would have now.
    gaylonw ·
    Everyone knows me at my Toyota Store as well.
    I am a Sales Manager for a Truck Leasing Company and my Team always has a pool going on how many minutes it will be before I make a Toyota reference.
    For 20 years, I had LC's, 62's, 80's and 5 or 6 100's.
    Then in 2007, I got a TRDSE, I loved it.
    All of the function and reliability of the LC's, but less bulk.
    Very quick for heavy truck!
    I really like the way it feels when I am in it, and my smile is standard equipment.
    I sold it after 125K and 5 years and ordered a new RR TT.
    I still had 2 LC's, a 62 and an 80, but I drove them less and less in favor of the FJ.
    Then last year, when they announced the end of the FJ run in the US, I sold the 2 LC's for $33K and ordered a TTUE.
    I rotate them as DD's!
    I like them equally for different reasons.
    Like old friends…
    HEInstructor ·
    Thanks, truth is without Toyota could not have kept the business alive for 30+ years. Buying that amount over the years certainly helped with the cost of my FJ's Including the 2014 Trail Teams, nice to be recognized as soon as I walk in the doors of my Toyota dealer.
    gaylonw ·
    I recently sold 2 LC's on Craig's list.
    It helps if you have the title clean, folks who are ready to buy want to do it instantly.
    Get your service records together, CarFax the vehicle, detail it, take a bunch of high quality PIC's, about 30, they let you post about 12 as I recall, the extras let you shake it up with different PIC's as you update the ad.
    Do a nice write up about the truck/car and post it.
    Price for quick sale, but leave some money for a deal, everybody wants a deal!
    Should be able to get it up in a day or two over a weekend. good luck my friend…gm
    FJNate78 ·
    Well, KBB says 13,5K for trade, 15,3K for private sale! Thats quite a difference! I think I need to do some quick research to see how to make a private sale!
    gaylonw ·
    Go on KBB, and look up trade in value vs the value you get selling it your self.
    That will give you some guide lines to help you with your negotiations. I recommend this because the dealer knows how much that you want the truck and there are not going to be many out there, so he does not have to get to aggressive with the trade.
    You need to know what your options are if they go low on you.
    You have some time, if it is really clean you could craig's list it, good luck…gm
    FJNate78 ·
    Yes, I have a Subaru. Ill have to see if there is a CarMax around here... I know there was one back in RI, but Im unsure here in Oregon, I haven't seen one here yet.
    gaylonw ·
    I got 1.79% for 60 months from Navy Federal for up to the entire amount.
    I would take your car to CarMax and get a cash price for your car, that will be your anchor price that you can expect from Toyota- work it up from there.
    If they don't get to that price you can always take it to CM.
    You had a Suburu as I recall, I would try to get as much as possible for it….gm
    FJNate78 ·
    Ill do the financing when it gets a little closer, apparently approvals are only good for 30 days, so Ill do it around the beginning of March. Ive shopped a bit and got a good rate from StateFarm, I didn't even know they did auto loans! Otherwise, Ill see what Toyota offers me for financing.

    As for my trade, yes, I still have that to do. Ill probably just trade it through Toyota... I was thinking of attempting to sell it privately, but Ive never done that before and don't really know where to start! I owe about $12,5 on it, Im hoping Toyota will give me at least $13,5-$14K for it, that would make me happy.
    gaylonw ·
    Thanks, I like NE as well, Brady is quite a story.
    I will let you know what my deal looks like as soon as I know, thanks and enjoy the FJ!!
    Have you got the financing done, and didn't you have a trade what did you do with that?…gm
    FJNate78 ·
    Model MSRP: 29,270
    TTUE option: 8,185
    Towing hitch: 349
    All Weather Mats & Cargo Net: 200

    Total MSRP 38,004.00
    Dealer Price 37,004.00

    Im glad my "new" home team won, but Ill always be a NE Pats fan at heart!
    gaylonw ·
    Dealer called today, my truck is built waiting to ship, should be departing 2/14, Valentines day. Vin has not published yet, so we can't price the deal until it does.
    Sounds like you got a great deal! Can you let me know the exact specs and prices that are included in your deal. I will do the same when the vin pops. How about those Sea Hawks!!….gm
    FJNate78 ·
    Got my VIN and dealer price today. 38K is MSRP, they gave me a price of 37K, its about what I expected. Id like to hear your price with that deal you rocked! It should hit the states March 4th with delivery about 10 days later.
    FJNate78 ·
    Thanks for the info! I'll consider that as an option. FYI, I got word from my dealer today that the orders are now being accepted by Toyota for fulfillment as of yesterday! It's coming soon!!!
    gaylonw ·
    Nate, I would consider listing the Subaru on craig's list, after getting a bid from Car Max.
    Look on EBAY and KBB to see where you can go dollar wise on the trade.If you can sell it for more yourself then you cut a variable out of the transaction with the Toyota store.You should be able to sell a nice '11 Subaru yourself for more $, the KBB will give you the range you should expect to get…
    FJNate78 ·
    I do have a trade. A 2011 Subaru Forester with 32K miles. I will bring what I can to the table as far as the knowledge you have given me with the invoice +$. And when it comes time to talk cost, I will see what I can get between that, interest rates, and trade in. Thanks for sharing!
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