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  • Tbronder5 ·
    Hey Bud hope all is well. I have not seen your truck or you in the dealership (Ken Ganley Toyota) Just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays! We do need to get out. My 6yo is always asking me to take him but time is always the issue since we also now have ababy girl who is 2mo old and Also hunting season and steelhead season keep me busy! I am hoping to make the trip for Northeast FJer meet this year. I don't have facebook so you will have to keep me in the loop on that.

    Codger ·
    Hi Wayne,

    How'd last weekend go for you? We were dealing with a lot of rain through Sat, but Sun and Mon had to be great weather days at Windrock.

    I have been making some major upgrades to the homeplace - a new shop under construction, a new hay barn and cattle working facility under cover, and a new well with water tanks for livestock. Has been taking all my free time.

    Best of everything to you.
    rsements ·
    Regarding my 08 FJ cruiser that has check engine and of course the accompanying array of other Waring lights
    you had asked me to provide with the codes along with what I had done here we go....thanks

    Here are those Codes done by a repair garage the guys there have been helpful and are interested in what you may have to say.
    my email which may be easier
    [email protected]

    First we...... changed the MAF ( did not purchase an OEM) just a standard one $89 OEM was $137 and within about 30 miles all four lights came back on.
    Changed the PCV valve $10 and 24 miles lights back on
    we have checked connections and cleaned in various areas around MAF
    last week they did the scan again and here is what they found...
    P0171 lean bank 1
    P0174 lean bank 2
    P0101 MAF circuit range performace problem MAF ( GLS) at idle 7.65
    Fuel pressure 35 PSI should be 41.2 - 45 ?
    gearwrench ·
    Hey Deb I was the guy with the titanium silver that climbed the hill after 101 was over when we were done with the pic of all fj's on the rock. You and I were fkn off. LOL! I put air in your tires after we were done. You were awesome to hang with because you were trying to figure out the limits of your rig too.
    debFJVT ·
    Hello fellow FJNEer! I was just on my profile page and realized I may have screwed up the response to your nice post-RC greeting...not sure if it reached you. That was a really fun event, my first ever. I've been trying to figure out who you are - Im terrible with names - that Friday was the 101 class, so I'm not sure which hill you meant...that red dirt gulch thing with the roots sticking out on the sides? What color is your FJ?

    I'm surprised there aren't more FJNE folks over here - really like both forums! Thanks for the hello -

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