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  • GoneFishing ·
    hello, sorry to be a pain the you know, still trying to figure out how to use the forum to communicate. is the bumper still available? if I missed out its my bad but would like to know the status of this item. Thanks
    Lee5 ·
    When are you going to be in Dallas to sell the Bumper?

    I live in Dallas and would like to purchase if you havent sold it yet
    GoneFishing ·
    gu10206 - sorry new to the forum not sure how to send a PM - cant find you contact info. still interested in the bumper
    rumblepaws ·
    In your post below are you saying these are the mods and history behind my new 2012 FJ? If so, I do appreciate the info and wanted to ask if you happen to know the guy who owned it previously or how I could reach out to him? Or even possibly just pass on my info to see if he could contact me through here? So far I love the vehicle but it would be nice to have someone to tap into that knows it well. Kris

    Re: Question about a dash light (just got new/used FJ yesterday)
    Hey, that FJ was originally from Ada OK the previous owner loved it, here is your mod history.....My Ginsel
    alvaro1810 ·
    Hi, definitely I'm interested in those two roof rack cross bars. Let me know how much is the total with the shipping and your PayPal account and we get this transaction going. My billing zip code is 22102 in McLean, Virginia.

    Thank you!

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