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  • dmark4u ·
    Hey Heiskai

    I have that cad file but dont like the design I liked yours it looks more stable
    plus i dont want to add a winch I only want it for front tie down points
    dmark4u ·
    Hi Heiskai

    Quick question i just read your post about fabing the front bumper and I was wondering if you would be willing to send me the mount drawing portion. I dont need the entire bumper I just want to add 2 recovery point on my front factory bumper and I have a waterjet and can cut out the parts and weld them together myself.

    I only need the fount from the frame outwards I will modify the lenght to match my stock bumper thickness

    Thanks a lot Mark
    Navigator ·
    I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to contact you. This forum has a little different format than I'm used to. I'm interested in your OME 60071L Long Travel Rear Shocks. I'm still learning about the FJ suspension. Can I run those with a 3" rear lift spring? I haven't installed them yet so I'm not sure exactly how tall they will be but they are the ones that go with the Pro Comp 3" kit. If so, what total price could you give me shipped to 99217?

    Martin Kostner ·
    Hi Kai, i was looking in a old post of a Fj crusier front bumper and i was wondering if you can share with me.
    It would be helpful for my project.
    Best Regards
    Martin Kostner

    From Chile, South America
    Captain.Jack_Sparrow ·
    Hello there guy, I am just contacting you about possibly making a CAD file for a couple emblems I would like done for My Lexus IS300, I am unsure if you are still doing this or even if you would just be able to so them and print them that would be cool too but what i would be looking for would be to replace the: "Lexus" with your "TRD" of probably same dimensions (possibly smaller) , the Lexus "L" with a kind of a cool pirate **** or just a small tall ship like a cuttysark, and the "IS300" i would like to replace with "JCE10" same hight as the TRD but in a more cool font or same font but "JCE10" with the 10 being 3/4 the height of the JCE. if you could get back to me either way it would be appreciated. My email is [email protected]

    - Justin.

    bamboo168 ·
    Hi Heiskai, I am interested in your mud splash design.
    can you sent me a copy so I can get it made?
    thank you so much.
    or do you have any other design?
    CementGhost ·
    Did you ever get rid of the clunking noise with the BOSS kit? I have the same noise over bumps and have yet to adjust the coilovers. Have you done a wheel alignment as well?
    Nope, it still has the front swaybar on it. It was getting close to the limits of travel in that picture, though. If you look at the back wheel, it's drooped out quite a bit also.
    peejer11 ·
    Got my 3" rc lift yesterday, now just need to find time to install it. Picked up a brushguard from another forum member yesterday for $150. Have to find time to put that on too.
    rrborchard ·
    I guess I ruffled some feathers about buying a set of your design. I you do make extras I would like to buy a set. Looks great Randy
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