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  • lhcm ·
    Hey - I was searching through the forums for the warrior rear bumper and came upon your post. How did it all turn out? Do you have any pics? Is there still a noticable gap between the old bumper and the warrior one? And where did you end up ordering it?
    MotioncontrolMike ·
    Sorry bro, thought your rig was black from the post...looking at your build I see its the awesome green. Nice! I saw the light set up on the build. Very cool. MotioncontrolMike
    tlpd107 ·
    Have a question for you in regards to your build. I'm new to the FJ world and saw that you have put a firestick CB antenna for your sterio. Is that actually still going to the Sterio? if so how well does it work? and how did you convert it or did it match up? I just got my FJ on 2/27/12 and am starting the mods. Any help you can offer would be great.
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