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  • MotioncontrolMike ·
    Hey bro-here in San Diego---Looking to get some advice from you on re-gearing. :)
    I read a thread that you contributed to...hence the contact. I have been debating regearing the 33's i have on my 2014 FJ down to 4.56. This seems like a sweet spot for guys that I read about. Is it true that 4.88 would be too extreme for 33's? How about 4.10?

    A related question- is my being on the fence at this point too about staying at 33's or going on to 35's. Seems that 35's can take a toll on the FJ a bit on bearings, rubbing, driveline, brake upgrading, etc? Can you give me some thoughts that you may have on encouraging or not in me going with 35's? If I go on to 35's, I am assuming that I would need to move to 4.88 gearing, right? As 4.56 would be too lagging...

    Am I thinking right on these two points? Any advice is treasured!


    Christina Bowen ·
    Hello Hersog, my husband has the same fj as you (10 trail teams, manual, black hood) and we are having trouble figuring out how much to sell it for because it is so rare! Your profile has been the only other time that we have seen this vehicle. Do you have any help/info/ideas of how/where/how much to sell it for? Sorry to bother, we just have no idea where to start! Thanks so much, Chris and Justin
    FYI we live in Colorado
    Runamoc ·
    Dear HERSOG, My 07-FJ ,128K miles, also has a roar coming from the rear end. It has been getting louder. I'm thinking rear bearing based on what I read about the noise on a forum. You mentioned a repair manual on this. Is there a way you could send it to me or where I can go get it. Thanks
    BrentMG ·
    good morning Hersog,
    i was reading and noticed you may be my best chance
    of getting a hold of Robert D. (owner/manager) of Cerro Gordo.

    my uncle and i explore ghost towns all over AZ,
    and we have always wanted to explore CA, starting with Cerro Gordo! :)

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    thanks in advanced!
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