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  • Turbokidd ·
    Hi. I responded to your posting about the charcoal canister that you are having made. How do I go about purchasing this?

    I have an 07 FJ.
    Dude, think I saw you this morning - we were turning to get on highway and you were sitting @ the light @ HWY81 and Schilling heading south (I wasn't in my FJ)
    It was either you or ther is another lifted Blue FJ in Salina - did see another black one and then here @ Pfizer, there is a lifted White one
    We are going to be working 10 hour days, 6-7 days a week - getting back into Salina around 6pm each evening
    Supposed to be nice this weekend, is there a place I can get my FJ washed? - covered in salt from all the snow we had the past two weeks @ home
    Let me know what day works for you for getting together for a beer
    FJ14Yoda ·
    Hi Iconic,
    I'm assuming this is a private message?, but I'd be interested in taking those Icon Coils off your hands, and since you said OBO I'd be an idiot to not try to at least negotiate a slightly better price, so how about $75.00 shipped for the set, and you Sand Blast them for me? As I will likely be getting them Powder Coated. Thanks

    Alpine FJ ·
    I sent you PayPal monies this morning for two sets of the recovery points. It would have come to you from Dave Fromm. Hope I didn't confuse you!
    Driftless Cruiser ·
    Hey Iconic,

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be traveling a lot for work in the next few weeks and may not respond to an IM that you are ready to collect money. If it is not too much trouble please email be at tadh at borahteamwear dot com when you are ready to start collecting the funds.


    Tux ·
    Hi Iconic, I just purchased my first FJ, I am hoping for some advice and you seem to know your stuff... My rig is stock, but I want to throw a lift on it. I plan on towing my boat with my FJ and want it to stay stable and would also like to avoid trans/differential damage as best as possible. I spend a lot of time in the winters in the mountains so I really want the lift for that as well as a little attitude... What would you suggest? 3"? Also, what brand would you suggest... My last rig I used calmini and it worked great... Not even sure they make something for FJ... Have any thoughts or ideas? Or any suggestions on where I could do my own research?
    Duffy924 ·
    Hello Iconic.

    Thanks for hooking up this deal with the Baja design lights. I'd like to get some S2's and a harness for back up lights. When you get a minute can you send me over that promo code?

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