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  • Brian Vantana ·
    That's funny I am ex-Royal Air Force. What did your dad do in the USAF? I bet he had a blast in the 80's.

    As for my FJ, I was very fortunate with the timing, I started to look seriously about 4-5 months ago and had seen a couple of '14 TTs for sale but they were relatively far away. Then last week I saw my '13 cement grey come up for sale from a dealership a few hours away. Drove up a couple of days later and negotiated a price.

    Very, very happy with it. It's like new. The previous owner obviously took a lot of care.

    Subtle mods to begin in the new year.
    Brian Vantana ·

    Your build inspired me to take the leap. Picking up my cement grey TT tomorrow. Look forward to tinkering and might have to steal some ideas off you. Can not bloody wait. Thanks for putting all the photos up.

    All the best

    jefFJ2014 ·
    I have that 4 ft black Firestik antenna. I am going to post it up for sale, I thought you might want a shot at it first. It also comes with the antenna spring, and is pretuned for my radio and 18ft antenna wire. I haven't had the thing for one month. I can sell you both for $28 + shipping, which is about what I paid for it. Let me know if you are interested either way.
    WhiteHawk ·
    Good morning, I just posted my first thread in the newbie section, it's titled "Toy Outfitters/Hardline Fabrication Bumper". Take a look, if you'd like I can send you more detailed photos to your email. Have a great day.
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