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  • MonsterMash ·
    Awesome, haha, I'm in Tampa and wouldn't really have a reason to drive all the way down there besides picking up a grill badge. Mail's totally cool, I just need your contact info so I can shoot you a money order.
    MonsterMash ·
    Hey Mark,
    I'm pretty new to the FJ game and just found the badge buy thread, I was wondering if you still had any sitting around, and if not, when there'd be another run. Hopefully I'll make one of the meet up days, just missed the last one.
    Bob N ·
    Hi, I Would like one of the badges if you still have them. 5 or 6 months is a bit late on the take. Didn't buy my FJ until April 21st and just found the post. I'm in Tallahassee so the zip code is 32317. How much will the cost be? Thanks! Bob n.
    paulndot ·
    Hi Mark. I'd like to get a badge & a couple of stickers. Do you have any left? I'm in Miami, but a trip down to the keys is always welcome. How would you like to handle?? -Paul
    Vilemsky ·
    Maybe we can ride some day.My wife and i like to drive and explore everglades and watch wild life lot to see there
    Optimus Prime ·
    Hi Mark,
    Irresistable alias you have--I gotta ask. Do you reside there, or just a big fan of the area as I am? And welcome to the forums!

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