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  • janis5151 ·
    Hello- I saw the pic of you pulling an Rpod- I live in Visalia and have been thinking of buying one. Two questions- how do you like it and where did you buy it? Ok- sorry more questions- have you pulled it up hwy 168 grade? How did it do and what mods have you made to the fj to pull the Rpod?
    JohnnyMosc ·
    Hi, saw your pics in a forum thread and saw so many extras that I'd like to add to my own silver FJ, I was reading your sig for the details on some of the items. Anyway, just wanted to say your build is an inspiration for what I'm trying to do, and thought I'd ask if there are any more photos of your ride somewhere?
    parsonsm ·
    Had a quick question about the FJ you have for sale. Is the LED light bar the current light set up on the front. You had one pic with the light bar and one with the four round lights.

    Also, does the CB system come with it as well and all aspects as shown.
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