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  • funknut ·
    Hello -

    New member here.

    I checked your site and didn't see the Icon kits w/ tubular arms, so unsure if you carry those. If so, can you provide pricing for ICON Stage 3 and Stage 5 kits w/ tubular arms? I'm in zip code 45243 for shipping purposes.


    Racerchef ·
    I just purchased a baja front bumper and winch mounting plate. I am a bit confused on the mounting plate. Is the plate only for the tjm winch? Thank you for information I'm excited to get bumper get installed I hope it's not to difficult!!
    Coldnapalm ·
    hey I really want a set of your slider for the group by, im moving from jax to aspen on nov8 so im not sure which shiiping address I should use or if maybe your shop is somewhere along the way and perhaps I could swing by and pick them up? I called your number on the group buy post but the voicemail is full
    MrHuffy ·
    Im very interested in the single hoop w lights.. Any bargains or group buys in the forseeable future? Maybe powder coated w the harness? Im a NooB ;(
    miteymike ·

    I was wondering how the price matching goes? I'm looking at icon's adjustable track bar, i see metaltech is selling for lower than you guys.

    I would much rather buy from you guys and pick up locally, rather than ordering online and having it shipped.

    NMroamer ·
    Saw your video of the toth in Ruidoso. Saw the John Tunstall murder site sign. Would appreciate any info on location and how to get there.
    fensterer ·
    I am loving the idea of the aluminum bemper with a single hoop. Any chance I can get a couple brackets incorporated so I could mount two PIAA 520 ATP lights in the center? I dont really ever see myself getting a winch anytime soon as I don't do that serious of off roading, just some moderate trails and hill climbs. If I can't climb it without help, I won't climb it! ;) Not now anyway. :)
    gab ·
    Hey jason. Got ur pm. Do you know any shop that has your alyminum bumper available?
    Will you make a special price order again?
    Another request, can you tell me the weight of your new rock sliders? (x wi g and dominatorz)
    fennec ·
    Hey DJemello!

    I wanted to check with you if you sell your light bar (for the stock FJ roofrack) without the lights? Could you give me what the total would be shipped to Crofton, MD 21114


    Couchee ·
    Hi Jdemello, im looking at buying one of your evil eye bumpers for my 2012 FJ, and i want to know how much postage would be to Australia.

    the address is in Perth, Western Australia postcode 6122

    thanks in advance
    07fjC ·
    Hey, I am wondering on a price for an icon stage one lift with some uca's (not picky about this just not the $$$ icon ones). The only wrench in this is I live in Saskatchewan Canada and the last lift i got was from toytec and the shipping was 50% of the price of the lift! Im not in a rush to get this but if theres anyway to avoid that it would be great. shipping adress is:
    P.O. box 129
    Regina beach SK
    Any help would be much appreciated! thanks
    jordanrobertson5 ·
    I was wondering how i could go about getting some stickers? I got my single hoop in the other day and i didnt get one. I was wondering where i needed to order them or what?
    nonlinr ·
    Sorry to bother you but wanted to check if the slider group buy is still being honored. If so I will give you guys a call next week (unless you are open on Sundays). Thanks.
    MotioncontrolMike ·
    Hey bro, Mike here. Just in case you can give me a custom price on my want list, here it is:

    Icon Tubular UCA's
    Icon Extended Travel front coilovers (Not too concerned to have Resi's -but open to idea if maybe)

    Icon Upper Links
    Icon Lower Links
    Icon Rear coils
    Icon Rear Extended Travel Shock(Curiosity- Piggie backs, how much more?)
    (Optional cost to add in the Icon Panhard?

    Install price too? :)


    Just give us a call 951-735-4417 and we can get you a new lens for your light. We can also send some stickers when you order the lens. Make sure you tell Jessica you want some stickers:)
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