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  • zcamarokid ·
    Hello. Seen your post regarding about splitting the cost of a house for the Summit. The wife and I are looking for a place still, and I am curious if you are still looking for someone to split the costs. Have you already found a house to rent?

    Gidget ·
    Yes I am planning to be there! New FJ should be ready! Well if you bring them I am sure to test the water!
    Airmech ·
    Hey I'm interested in the tire cover! Still available? Do you have any pics? What are you looking to get for it?
    Lmmmmm ·
    If I go (still on the fence) Im planning on being there by the 10th so I can do the pre runs with the group Sa/Sun/Mon/Tues.

    Are you going to the Summit or are you just doing Moab Pre Summit?

    FL FJ Gal ·
    Hello Jeff & thanks for your message!

    I dont intend on doing any off-roading other than some sand/beach driving in the south & dirt roads/snow when heading up north. Just recently moved to FL & wanted something better for having to veer off the road into ditches & not worry abt getting stuck when I have to jump out of the way of all the old folks that head the wrong way right at me! ;) Part of the reason for the purchase was that she can handle day to day as well as handle more difficult situations if needed. I understand my mileage will suffer as a result of the added weight but losing 3-5 mpg is worth it to me for protection & peace of mind.

    IDFJ ·
    Jeff, thanks for the offer, but I'm not yet sure which way I am going to go with this CB install. Good luck with your sale and it was good to meet you guys last week.
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