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  • SoloXplorer ·
    With the 3" up front and the 2" rear coils you will sit a tad higher in the rear until you get either some weight or passengers in. Depending on your front bash(front skid) plate you might experience some rubbing of the sway bar against the skid plate. Also you might experience some rubbing of the sway bar on the coil-overs at full articulation. I don't think it's a problem in with this spring/shock combo. The sway bar relocate kit moves the sway bar forward about 1" which fixes any sway/coilover rubbing. Which in tern makes the sway bar rub the skid plate on 2010+. The Radiator Mount Drop Kit(which lowers the skid plate away from the sway bar) which solves that problem. The third factor is that it restores the factory geometry of the sway bar after a lift. This only makes a tiny bit of performance improvement.Hope this info helps. If you are on the Vegas Cruisers Facebook page then feel free to ad me as a friend. I don't get on this forum much anymore lately.
    SoloXplorer ·
    I was running the same set-up minus the diff drop kit(you don't need it). I loved this set-up! Rode like a dream on the highway and smoothed out the off road a bunch too! The only thing I noticed about this set up is the 2.0 springs ride great with no load but can tend to sag if you weight the FJ down with a full load of camping gear, water, and fuel. I was going to add the firestone air-bag helpers to cure it since I didn't want the harsh empty ride the 2.5 springs would give it. I recommend a sway bar relocate kit if this one doesn't have it. When I first installed this lift I didn't have aftermarket UCA's. The alignment was in spec minus the camber. That made it float or wander slightly on the highway. I put Light Racing UCA's on and the camber came back into spec. I recommend the UCA's but you can get by without them if budget doesn't permit buying them now. Also you'll get slight tire wear without the UCA's but nothing major. Hope this helps out.
    Hyeoctane ·
    I was told by Dustin of JBA to reuse the factory gasket at the head. That JBA ships gaskets with the headers but the factory gasket is the best.
    iwashmycar ·
    I dont have a light bar. I have installed one on a buddies truck and we just loosened up the bolts to the exterior cover and slipped the wire in and then ran it up right over the front roof trim. Used white wire so it isnt very noticeable.
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