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  • mtbdude ·
    Hi Jimmiee,
    I have been searching and reading for days looking for answers or insights to my FJ transmission whine.
    I recently purchased a 2011 FJ with 66k miles. I have been hearing a whining sound similar to idler pulleys but eliminated that as a cause by removing my serp belt and starting the vehicle. Whine was still there. I hear this noise very prominently while driving and it changes pitch with my RPM's. I t also occurs in Park and Neutral while revving the engine. I have owned two other Toyota Tacomas one being a 2nd Gen with the 4.0l and A750 trans and it did not sound like my FJ. My thought is it is low on fluid or the trans fluid pump is failing/working too hard. The truck shifts perfectly and has zero symptoms other than the constant whine. No leaks or anything abnormal, it looks new underneath. I have purchased an OBD2 reader and app so I can see trans temp accurately for the fluid check procedure. Do you have any other thoughts on this in your experience?
    Ole Blu ·
    Hey Jimmiee, me again. Sorry, my last message was too long so I had to send this separately. I was just asking if there was a “How to” section of the forum that tells you how to use it. I’ve been in the hospital a lot and haven’t been able to use it very much for awhile and I forget how to start a thread or anything so that everyone can see it and respond. I would appreciate any help. It’s scary that I can’t figure it out on my own.
    Take care and thanks for your help.
    Ole Blu
    Ole Blu ·
    Hey Jimmiee

    I’m trying to find some advice on a problem that has come up on my truck. I got in it today and tried to turn on the fan. Both the AC and vent lights were on but the fan would not come on. I couldn’t find which fuse to check so I looked at a few of them under the hood and couldn’t find any that were blown. When I started the truck the battery light came on. I have a device that gives me access to the codes (Blue Light) and everything was ok. It rained for 10 days straight here in Dallas and I did have to drive through some big pools of standing water but nothing really deep but that’s been a week ago. I had a local garage take a quick look and they said that it wasn’t the alternator or battery but definitely something electrical. Do you have any advice on what I should be looking at? I’ve got some huge hospital bills coming everyday so I’m nervous about taking it to a stealership. Any help would be great. Thanks!
    olive236 ·
    After having read over one of the threads devoted to the dreaded transmission shudder I thought I'd contact you one on one.

    My FJ is a 2014 with just shy of 36,000 miles on the clock. I purchased this new and have mostly used it for adventure travel pulling our off-road teardrop trailer. Right out of the box I installed a transmission cooler and off we went. Having just completed a 2,200 mile trip we noted the vibration (= shudder) while cruising along the highway at 60-65 mph. I'll contact my dealer later today but thought I'd seek out some advice from you before making the appointment.

    Thoughts on what causes the shudder and what's the cure?

    Thanks in advance for your expert opinion. My e-mail is [email protected]
    brutalsl ·
    I have a Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 I plan to upgrade the engine and trying to get some information what would be the best option and I need assistance, what would be the best possible transmission /reinforced/ to go with the new engine or the current set up if I can not find an option.
    I'm looking for options for the engine - I was told Hemi is a good one, but not sure whether that will be possible. The idea is to add some power to the car /700 hp will be fine/ as I want to use it for offroad racing. I'm doing a complete tuning and I will have a TRD supercharger installed together with Sprint booster. I have Nitto Mud Grappler tires - size 37x13.5/R17, new 6 inches suspension from Procomp and I need a durable heavy duty transmission that will not break in the future. The current problem is that it started shuttering and I can feel that it will be gone soon. I want something that will be fine with all the the other upgrades.
    I will really appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance
    Kelly Briceno ·

    I hope I am contacting the right person. i have a 2007 FJ with around 160K miles on it. I t just started having a "shudder" at around 40MPH. I have looked all over the NET and found this sight. Would it be best to have the dealership change the fluid in my trans first to see if this will fix the issue? I can not find a video of how to do myself or I would. Any advise/help is greatly appreciated. This is my only vehicle and can not afford for it to crap out on me. My email is [email protected] this would be the fastest way to contact me.

    Thanks, Kelly
    wriwall ·
    I saw your name was brought up as a transmission specialist..I hope I am pming the right person.
    I have a 2010 fj. I was driving on a beach (H4). Came off the beach, went to N and switched back to H2. Went to take a turn, fj started jerking like I was still in 4wd. Went thur a gears, in N, keep jerking. No light was on when I switched to H2. When I would switch to H4, L4, light would come on..took to dealer in Richmond, Va. they told me Differential lock was stuck on. They jumped power straight to rear diff. lock motor and tapped w/hammer, came unstuck. They tried again, locked again. My two choices were, $2000.00 repair bill, or do not use rear diff lock. Either tape it or disconnect the rear Diff lock switch... Do they know what they are talking about or should I get it checked out again at another place?

    Thanks for your opinion, Marc
    jimmiee ·
    Hi this just showed up in my inbox this morning? LOL

    Anyway there are no adjustable slave cylinders for the FJ. Are you still having problems?
    nvj2901 ·
    Hi,There!I have FJ cruiser 2007.I have changed stok clutch and installed flyweel and clutch "spec clutch".After that I v got problems with shift level the 1th and reverse gear.Can you give me part number adjustable slave.I think that it will help me.Thank you.Or can you advise me what i should do.
    nvj2901 ·
    Hi,There!I have FJ cruiser 2007.I have changed stok clutch and installed flyweel and clutch "spec clutch".After that I v got problems with shift level the 1th and reverse gear.Can you give me part number adjustable slave.I think that it help me.Thank you.
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