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  • extremer ·
    GOAL: buy one in better shape with less miles and treat it better cause I love them.

    I found a 2010 tan TT model w/ 90k miles
    body is in AWESOME shape
    has the bushwackers that I was surprised you mentioned in the "crap" column. I don't love them...
    OME suspension
    expedition one roof and rear bumper
    ARB front bumper w/ barely any rust but some starting.
    smittybuilt? winch
    had rear seats removed and back custom welded to be flat w/ 2 ARB drawers and fridge slider in back(no fridge).
    some outside lights and many added quality switches etc etc.
    I met the guy thats done everything to it since it was new. Hes all quality.

    I'll be swapping wheelsets....his TT for my Charcoal TT so don't see anything there.

    Question: do you think 20k seems like as good a deal or at least reasonable?
    and what do you think I could expect for mine realistically?

    Appreciation in advance
    extremer ·
    Hi Jimmy-Buffett, first, thanks for all you offer this board. I have not posted much at all but am on all the time. Since you are offering free advice I'm gonna ask for some. Here is the deal. I have an 08 A/T sandstorm since new.
    trd s/c installed when bought at dealer (I kept the original part in case I wanted to sell or keep s/c)
    140k miles and growing
    OME lift
    national luna dual battery system/its the portable battery back/ w dual battery control in the dash.
    heated seats w/ broken switches I can't locate anywhere...
    I bought it w/ whatever packages were offered so "loaded"
    ARB fridge slider (no fridge)
    rusty warn front and rear bumpers
    warn winch w/ integrated air pump
    the rig drives like a tank and is mechanically awesome
    the body has a few dings and few rust spots.
    pius222 ·
    Hi Jimmy, just spend a good 10 min reading your buying post, you give great advices there!! Kudos!!

    Here is one FJ I am interested in here in SoCal:

    2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Base | ERICKS USED CARS in BELL, CA

    I requested Carfax pending.

    One question I have is I noticed the side mirrors are different in colors (black and silver). Not sure what happened there...?

    What do you think about this truck? price? mileage? bone stock? Not too sure about Manual tranny tho...

    Thanks in advance.
    iski77 ·
    Hey James I lost my ability to check car fax for free sadly! Can you remove it from the buyers guide?
    Les Harris ·
    Hi JB - over a month ago I listed my 2014 FJ for sale on the forum. I'm reaching out for help, because I had zero response. If you have the time, I would really appreciate it. I love my FJ, but had to pick up a commuter due to a recent office move.
    Thank you, in advance for your input.
    iski77 ·
    I'm gonna be in the Denver/Colorado springs area for Thanksgiving. Is there any where I could go wheel in the snow without having another vehicle there as back up? I dont have a winch either.
    bradleydelliott ·
    Liked your post.

    Don't own a FJ yet, but looking to purchase.
    The one in the link is close by, might go look.
    Your suggesting the TT might be a fake, to get another $3-4K out of it?
    I could give 2 cents about the TT, would rather have wheels, lift etc.

    Will be mostly a DD, but plan on towing my E30 race car a few times and few trails.
    If I am in the $20K mark, what year should I look for?
    iski77 ·
    Saw your post about colorado. I am looking to come up in july with the gf and dog. This will be my first time wheeling the fj. Any advice?
    Antoin ·
    Hello Jimmy-Buffett

    Where can I find out how to safely remove the factory installed fog lights that came on my 2008 Cruiser? I live in Arizona and don't need them. Thanks
    jimmy-buffett ·

    "on another forum some members said they already registered through a back door registration I've never heard of this do you know anything about this"

    It doesn't exist, the Summit leadership is very transparent about the entire process and registration starts for everybody at the same time. The only people who will know early if they're going are vendors who are paying to attend.
    walk686 ·
    thanks for the great information on the fj summit I'm hoping to get in and experience everything the event has to offer on another forum some members said they already registered through a back door registration I've never heard of this do you know anything about this? thanks for all the help
    kelz350 ·
    Hi James, looks like most of my CB stuff came today :) Can I please take you up on the offer for help with install? I am not the least bit mechanically inclined or knowledgeable about much of anything.... Thanks!!
    KB6BNC ·
    Wow, I'm glad I asked.

    I had no idea they had to come off to be adjusted.

    Thanks for getting back to me!

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