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  • Lt. Colonel ·
    Hey Buddy, I've enjoyed following one of your threads about your build. The number of tires you went through is incredible. Which thought I'd ask you a question since you seem to be the tire expert.

    Can I put 35" tires (35/12.5/20) with a 3" life on my currently stock FJ Cruiser? My local shop is telling me NO WAY - it will rub too much, they'd have to cut too much of my frame etc... What's your advice on tires and lift? Also do you have shocks you'd recommend?

    Thank you,
    TTECruiser ·

    After watching your Borla Exhaust video, I went and purchased the same item. However, it is not producing the growl noise in your video. Hope you can assist in identifying the issue...

    My Set Up
    2008 FJ Cruiser Trail Team Edition (White)
    Automatic Stock. Only mod: replaced exhaust to same Borla sportsman. It's making a louder noise, but no growl. Would a cold air intake resolve this issue to produce the exact same sound?

    Let me know,

    PascoMan13 ·

    I was told you may have some information on the shift knobs? My son loves mine and just bought his FJ and was wanting some in the voodoo blue automatic. Any information you could provide would be appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Can you send me more pictures of your rock rails and side steps. How much wieght does it hold on the bolt on steps. Thanks for any more help on side steps with rock rail.
    jetflyr ·
    I have a Hunter bull bar waiting at home and want to put a flat finish on it like yours so it matches my sliders. How did you paint yours? Did you just scuff the powdercoat? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
    - Jack

    My name is Bob and I came across a photo of your awesome rig. Question: Looks like you have an ARB Snorkel (right?), however the top part looks different. Did you add a filter? I really like the look. Why did you change?

    I'm looking to install my a Snorkel so your input is appreciated.
    [email protected]
    ztothe4 ·
    I was going through your build thread...AMAZING FJ! Sorry, had to yell that.

    I have a question for you. You have been through a lot of wheels so I don't know if you will remember, but, on the xd addicts, did you use the hubcentric rings they sent with the wheels? I ordered the same wheels and was shorted on of the rings and want to make sure to ask them to send me the missing ring if I need it.

    BlackCherry07 ·
    Joe, I ordered my Bud Built 5 Piece with Beefy gas skids today ...Bare metal ..Im painting them BlackCherry :) Hoping to have them on by Holmans truck show WOOT!!!
    jahangir787 ·
    mud terrains would be a bit too aggressive on the sand imo..
    cz we dune a lot and as nice as the look on my friend's jeep, i always end up pulling him out when he digs in. hes got STT's on. so i figure if the lighter wrangler sinks, the FJ may too. but i absolutely love the aggressive look.
    jahangir787 ·
    hey thanks for the info joe!

    also... umm.. any tires that get me through playing in the sand dunes AND bear with me in rocky wadis?
    i was looking at BF goodrich all terrains, toyo open country all terrains and cooper discoverer ST or AT3
    BlackCherry07 ·
    mud , mud ...then clean clean clean clean just doesnt seem right ...I just cant imagine why anyone wouldnt love the mud
    jahangir787 ·
    oh and joe, what if i run 285 75 r16's on the fj? will i need the body mount chop? with or without spacers?
    youre like a FJcyclopedia to newbies like me :p
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