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  • KD7NAC_07FJ ·
    I don't go here much any more and apparently I'm not getting any email notifications.

    SAR in general operates on it's own licensed frequencies. They are not CB or HAM frequencies and a ham license is not required to use them - on sanctioned events of course.

    Radios for those frequencies are provided for those events but at a minimum you would need to be "field qualified" (completed all of the basic training) before you are permitted to communicate on SAR frequencies.

    My advise is not to go out an spend a bunch of money before you learn more about how the organization operates. There are WAY to many facets to outline in this message.
    asdfman7 ·
    So I've been thinking of joining SCSAR for awhile now but haven't gotten around to going to a meeting yet (even though the Alderwood meetings are held down the hill from my house) and am looking in to adding a CB to my 4runner. Does SCSAR use CB or should I look into getting set up with HAM if I get involved? I've seen on one of the threads on here that you recommend having both but was wondering if I should focus on setting up one before the other?
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