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  • TxFj85 ·
    Nope never been to Superlift, but the pictures I check out one time looked pretty cool. Keep me updated....maybe I'll swing out that way. Did you say you are going back to Colorado this year?
    LaFJDude ·
    You ever been to Superlift? A small group near Shreveport are wanting to start planning a weekend trip to there maybe in March.

    Two local guys are going to the Summit this year and have asked me to go. I'm considering it though I preferred Moab.
    TxFj85 ·
    Yea I dont get on here all that much either. Things are good, just been working mostly. I dont think that I will be making it to the summit this year (three times in a row is enough for me for a while). We need to plan a big trip out somewhere with a few people sometime. Maybe Kokopelli trail.......?
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