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  • Brian Shaffer ·
    That video was great! Where was that ? What was that fish at the end.. ? Steelhead that got off ?
    Thanks for sharing it with me. Cheers ~ Brian
    medavez ·
    I'm sure you get tons of PMs on here. Thanks for all of your tips.

    I looked to see if you created a thread on the CV axle replacement to ask the question in the thread, but couldn't find it. Just your great video.

    You recommend replacing the steering knuckle oil seal, are they different right and left? Would you have the part numbers to share?

    What about the seal going into the differential? Is it critical to replace these as well, and are they different right and left. Would have these part numbers?

    Any help you can provide is well appreciated. It seems that quality exploded drawings WITH part numbers are challenging to find. Surprising in 2016!

    Thanks again for any guidance on this...
    ktownfj ·
    Love your videos, even more so I love the wisdom and thought you put into every passing second. Thank you for the enjoyment and the right to take a step back and "celebrate everything". -Stephen
    uubones ·
    Thank you! Are you the guy who posted The Last Great Road Trip on You Tube?

    I watched that whole trip down to Baja, checking out your rig and trip. I enjoyed your vid, man, as well as the music...had to track down those tracks on-line, found them on that crazy site for guys who share and dub music.

    Cool. Thanks for the welcome!

    With Aloha

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