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  • VooDooBlueATL ·
    I wanted to reach out to you to see if you still have interior plastic parts available. I am looking for the 3 plastic pieces in the trunk that cover where the subwoofer would have been assuming your FJ did not have a subwoofer.

    MAXXFJ ·
    Just checking info from an older thread, Did you ever sell the engine you were looking to get rid of? Thanks, MAXX
    FJMoe ·
    Hey saw your post, do you have a deadfoot (Foot rest) for sale by any chance? shipping to 48152

    alusteg ·
    Hi there, I'm interested in your all pro rock sliders. I was curious if the bolting hardware would be included or not.

    I'm in San Diego so I could most defiantly pick it up sometime soon. Possibly tomorrow if your willing to possibly meet me somewhere half way.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    MotioncontrolMike ·

    As for your inverter install, I like it a lot. When I did the homework on the distance to the inverter in the cargo area(like yours), I was advised not to do this because of the voltage drop to the rear of the FJ...they say the cable lengths are too long(13ft one way), and this reduces the effectiveness/use of the inverter...(Don Rowe company/experts)

    Have you seen power limitations? I know your is 1000W, I am thinking 1500W...

    what cable gauge did you use? They say if its too small, it will heat up...and pose a hazard...

    any help would be great.

    Old Sarge ·
    His screen name is golf echo. It was a gift so I don't know what he charges for it. The CF A pillars with gauge pods was 375.00
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